Today eITWebguru is on seventh sky as we have been online for 1 Year. I would like to Thank all the Readers, Visitors and Sponsors from my heart as without them this wouldn’t have been possible. Also I would Like to Thank eUKHost for providing un-interrupted Hosting Service due to which we didn’t face any Downtime through out the Year and we got 100% Uptime which is more that what they advertise (99.95%).

Following is some Stats of the blog for the Year (Jun/18/2009 to Jun/17/2010):

Unique Visitors: 16792
Number of Visits: 55208
Hits: 1252891

WordPress Stats:
70 posts
333 tags
35 post categories

Following Are some Featured Posts of the Year

Thanks for your support and we look forward to your support in the years to come…