Low-Budget Motivation Tips for Managers

There’s nothing more effective than a hefty bonus to keep your employees motivated. Apart from this, a permanent raise and a promotion can be equally effective. Sadly, your budget and internal structure may not be able to handle this set-up for too long. Try giving each of the team members a bonus after every single […]

Why You Should Develop a Personal Brand

Online marketing is one of the most important tools businesses have to promote their work and attract new clients and customers. In order to accomplish this, you need to have a clearly defined brand that will be recognized both offline and online. Developing a brand requires you to know your audience and to understand your […]

Quality Branding and Why It is Important for Your Business

Branding is key if you want to get your business the recognition it deserves. Having a great product or service means very little if you are not branding it the right way. Especially today when both online and offline branding strategies are necessary for a business to be truly successful. If you are still uncertain […]

5 Frugal Budget Practices for Your Small Business

Running your own business takes a lot of money and it’ll probably take you between six months and two years until you’re fully profitable. What this means is that during your early days, you’ll need to try and scrape away as much money as possible if you want to give your business a fair chance […]

Internet Marketing Lead Generation Ecosystem

Sometimes stepping back and seeing the big picture is the best way to identify all of the smaller pieces that go into it. That’s certainly true when it comes to lead generation in Internet marketing, where there are so many moving parts that all need to be present in order for the campaign to work […]

4 Tips for Hosting a Business Event on a Limited Budget

We all know that companies now use social media for marketing because it’s one of the cheapest ways for them to reach their audience. Still, when it comes to meeting new customers and business partners, there’s nothing better than hosting an event. But what to do when you want to host a successful event but […]

Everything You Need to Know About Micro-Influencers

Influencer marketing has gained massive popularity in the advertising industry, with marketers and companies spending enormous amounts of money on influencers to promote products and services and reach a bigger audience than ever before. Customers have all but lost their trust in big business and advertising in general, prompting the shift towards honest recommendations from […]

5 Tips for Making a Killer Presentation

Having a million-dollar idea is something that a lot of entrepreneurs would kill, die or sell their soul to the devil for but an idea alone isn’t enough to get you over the top. You see, in order to tackle this massive endeavor, you need the assistance of others and persuading them isn’t a small […]

The Importance of Financial Planning for the Growth of Startups and Small Businesses

Starting your own business is an extremely risky, but ultimately exciting and rewarding adventure. The act of transferring business ideas from a piece of paper into the real world is a completely different ball game then, let’s say, being an employee and doing someone else’s bidding. Starting your own company is not only preceded but […]