How to Convert/Migrate/Move/Copy MSSQL Database to MySQL Database?

Scenario Your Company/Organization/Institute maintains certain data in MSSQL 2000 but now on suggestion of System Analyst or database administrator you want to move the data to MySQL 5.x. Questions? 1) How to migrate the data? 2) Do we need to recreate the complete database schema? 3) Can we use any third Party Application to convert […]

Monitor Threads and Performance of MySQL Database using “MyTop”

Database plays a very important part in any CMS or website as it stores the complete data but this database sometime becomes headache. Your website start running slow and when you contact your hosting company you get reply “You need to optimize your database” OR sometime for hosting company also its very hard to explain […]

Cpanel PHPMyAdmin Error: You should upgrade to MySQL 5.0.15

Problem: If you are using MySQL Server version 4.x.x on your server but when you try to access PHPMyAdmin from Cpanel you will get following Error: phpMyAdmin – Error You should upgrade to MySQL 5.0.15 or later. Due to your application configuration or any other reason you want to access PHPMyAdmin without upgrading MySQL version […]