Ubuntu Forums Hacked and Down

_ Ubuntuforums.org – The official community forum of Ubuntu Operating System has been hacked by an external attacker. Following is the notification (notifying Ubuntu Forums Hacked)¬†have sent to all the registered users: You are receiving this message because you have an account registered with this address on¬†ubuntuforums.org. The Ubuntu forums software was compromised by an […]

BlueProximity: Lock Computer using your Phone

BlueProximity is a tool which detects your mobile phone via bluetooth and locks your computer when your bluetooth phone is out of bluetooth reach. If you move away from your Desktop of computer and the distance between you and computer is more than a certain limit for a given time, BlueProximity will lock it automatically. […]

FIX:- Performance Problem on Ubuntu (Slow ALT+TAB)

Last week I have installed “Macbuntu” on my Ubuntu 10.04 system which looks fabulous but it was putting extra burden on Resource of my system. So, I un-installed it and after reboot it was just like fresh installed system i.e. all my customized settings, desktop, wallpapers were switched back to default settings. After 20-30 minutes […]