Comparing the Best Virtualization Software (HyperV Vs. VMWare)

Best Virtualization Software: Comparison between HyperV and VMWare There’s a multitude of virtualization software on the market ranging from mediocre spin-offs from once stable open source offerings, through to tried and tested market leaders. For most people though, the battle between Microsoft and VMWare is the one that rages most frequently. Microsoft’s Hyper-V and VMWare’s […]

Configure Hyper-V Backups using Windows Server backup Part-III

In previous two parts i.e. Part-I: Installing Windows Server Backup and Part-II: Configuing Hyper-V VM Backups using WSB I have tried to provide the steps to configure HyperV VM backups on a External USB Drive. Today, in this Post I will explain the steps to recover a VM from the Backup which we have configured. […]

Disable IPv6 Components on Windows vista, Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008

Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) is the future of Internet and soon all the domains will switch to it. Many Governments OR ISP’s has already implemented IPv6 in their countries and reasons. All the Operating Systems which are coming in market by default supports IPv6. Microsoft Windows Vista, 7 and 2008 server editions also supports […]

Stand Alone Installation of Enkompass on HyperV Part-I (Configuration of Microsoft Windows Server 2008)

Enkompass is a Windows Control Panel provided and support by cPanel which is the leading Control Panel provider for Linux. Enkompass can be installed on a Single Server or on a Distributed System. In Single Server every component i.e. IIS, Mail Server (like smartermail, sherweb hosted exchange etc.), MSSQL, MySQL will be installed on single […]

Stand Alone Installation of Enkompass on HyperV Part-II (Installation and Configuration of Enkompass)

In my previous Article “Configuration of Microsoft Windows Server 2008” I have explain the components which are requires by Enkompass. Once you done all the configuration you are ready to install Enkompass on your Server. Installation and Configuration of Enkompass 1) Download the latest version i.e. Enkompass 1 from 2) Run the installer, and […]

Configure Hyper-V Backups using Windows Server backup Part-II

In my previous article (Part-I) I have explained how to install Windows Server Backup on Microsoft Windows 2008. Today via this article I will explain how to configure Windows Server Backup to take backups of Hyper-V VM’s without any recource usage or affecting the performance of VM. Hyper-V Server Configuration: CPU: Intel Xeon X5550 @2.67Ghz […]

Configure Hyper-V Backup using Windows Server backup Part-I

Recently, I have configured backups of Hyper-V VM using “Windows Server Backup (WSB)” utility. Windows Server Backup (WSB) uses the Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) to provide backup and restore support for W2K8 volumes, folders, and files. To make this tutorial Easy and understandable to everyone, I will explain everything in following three parts Installation […]