Easy to Find, Easy to Use: Best-Ever Widgets for Android

Widgets are a great way for Android users to get the information they want quickly, without having to open any apps. Just a quick glance at the home screen and you can know whatever it is you needed to know. This is a great feature that Android devices have and, if you’re not taking advantage […]

6 Apps That are Constantly Improving Our Lives

In the time span of many centuries, human beings evolved, and technology is taking this evolution in a new direction. Transhumanism is constantly promising to reduce physical and intellectual limitations of human beings. Our lives are entirely controlled by the electronic gadgets that we use. We use multiple apps that help us one way or […]

Pokémon Go Updates as Users Do Anything to Get Noticed

Last month featured the introduction of one of the latest augmented real life games ever; The Pokémon Go. This a reality game developed by Niantic industry for both iOS and Android powered devices. The game can be played both in single-player and multiplayer modes. Basically, this game utilizes the device’s Global Positioning System to display […]

Mobile app analytics: The fundamentals

If statistics are to be believed, there will be 6.1 billion smart phone users by 2020. And if you think that figure is mind boggling, then let me tell you that as of June 2015, 100 billion+ mobile apps were downloaded from the Apple App Store. Yeah, that’s right – a billion with a B. […]

7 Best Mobile Makeup Apps Which Make Your Look Classy!

Smartphones are great for texting, calling, the Internet and social media among other uses. What most people are not aware of, is that they can be used for makeup and hairstyles try. They can also be used for manicure and pedicure. All that you need to do is get the right app from the app […]

Responsive Web Design – Low cost mobile option for small businesses!

Google’s update “Mobilegeddon” change the scenario of mobile websites completely. Where business owners generally avoid mobile applications and mobile websites due to higher cost and lesser success assurance, now they have to move towards mobile versions. According to different surveys held by different organizations, A huge portion of the population (around 63% or more) used […]

Know how Nokia Turns to Android for New Mobile Range

After a brief break, Nokia is planning to restart its push to join the tablet and smartphone market. HMD will, however, not be using the Symbian or Windows Operating System for its new phones. Nokia has something else in mind; they realize that Android has a huge hold on the global market. As a result, […]

Common Mistakes made by Android Developers

Android is a platform that successfully enjoys the largest audience. You get it free, it’s customizable and rapidly growing. And apart from your phone or tablet, it’s also available on your smartwatch, TV and car. As the latest Marshmallow update is out there, Android programming is improving incessantly and since the initial AOSP release, the […]

4 Important Factors of App Economy

The constantly growing and evolving app market is definitely changing the way this industry functions. There is a vast evolution in the recent past that has changed the entire face of the industry, and this evolution is not stopping soon. These entire factors are affecting the app economy for the good. When app stores were […]

A Checklist of Design and Plugin for WordPress Mobile Blogs

Plugin for WordPress Mobile Blogs When it comes to shaping your WordPress blog for mobile following a design that can help viewing the content is more important than just squeezing the content into a design perfect in pixel count. For a blogging website more focus on content is very likely and naturally the blog must […]

iPhone 6s Accessories that Make a Difference

The iPhone stopped being a regular smartphone years ago. Today it is a multi-tier work platform and a status symbol. And just like any other status symbol, it needs to be adorned in accordance with its reputation. With the arrival of the iPhone 6s model, the number of accessories seems to have grown in an […]