4 Tips for Hosting a Business Event on a Limited Budget

We all know that companies now use social media for marketing because it’s one of the cheapest ways for them to reach their audience. Still, when it comes to meeting new customers and business partners, there’s nothing better than hosting an event. But what to do when you want to host a successful event but […]

Innovative Wearable Technology That’s Not Toxic

The wearable technology industry has risen rapidly in recent years and is showing no signs of slowing down. Some studies estimate that the wearable technology market will be worth USD $19 billion by the year 2018. This rise in wearables has led to researchers looking for the best techniques for making wearable technology as efficiently […]

Top Security Measures that Ensure the Safety of a Website

It is true that a large number of website users come across some kind of threat linked with the websites they had visited. This threat comprises information theft, installation of malicious software, and many others. A very popular incident took place in 2013 when the London based GreenNET, a non-profit Internet service provider and the […]

Pokémon Go Updates as Users Do Anything to Get Noticed

Last month featured the introduction of one of the latest augmented real life games ever; The Pokémon Go. This a reality game developed by Niantic industry for both iOS and Android powered devices. The game can be played both in single-player and multiplayer modes. Basically, this game utilizes the device’s Global Positioning System to display […]

7 Best Mobile Makeup Apps Which Make Your Look Classy!

Smartphones are great for texting, calling, the Internet and social media among other uses. What most people are not aware of, is that they can be used for makeup and hairstyles try. They can also be used for manicure and pedicure. All that you need to do is get the right app from the app […]

Common Mistakes made by Android Developers

Android is a platform that successfully enjoys the largest audience. You get it free, it’s customizable and rapidly growing. And apart from your phone or tablet, it’s also available on your smartwatch, TV and car. As the latest Marshmallow update is out there, Android programming is improving incessantly and since the initial AOSP release, the […]

Best Alternatives for Parse Migration

Parse– the word that exists no more! The immense diaspora has started. There’s a massive open door for some to encourage and develop on Parse’s escaping clients which counts around 6 lakhs. Where would it be advisable for you to go? What would be a good idea for you to do? At this point you’ve […]

Adobe FormsCentral to Shut Down, JotForm Releases Import Wizard to Help Users

Adobe FormsCentral Alternative: JotForm’s Import Wizard Typically, when we sign up for a service we don’t typically presume that it will shut down and as such, do not plan for it. Who signs up for a Instagram and backs up all of their carefully filtered photos, just in case the company collapses and they lose […]

Suitable Web Hosting Plans for Local Business Websites

Any businessmen let be from a small scale background or the large scale background are nowadays creating a website in the name of the firms whether it be locally or internationally known. Google Drive provides you the best web hosting service. Not only Google helps out the people with their website getting launched by taking […]

Why Are You Storing Your Data In Three Separate Places?

Why Are You Storing Your Data In Three Separate Places? These days, no business should be without a reliable data backup plan. Our reliance on technology dominates modern life – it shapes everything that we do. It defines the way our industries run, the way our companies are built and operated. Yet, it isn’t 100% […]

BYOD Best Practices

  BYOD Best Practices BYOD or “bring your own device” is a growing trend in the business world. More and more businesses, in an effort to attract top talent and boost employee morale and efficiency, are adopting BYOD policies. Here are some top ways that your business can implement its own BYOD policy. Any BYOD […]