6 Apps That are Constantly Improving Our Lives

In the time span of many centuries, human beings evolved, and technology is taking this evolution in a new direction. Transhumanism is constantly promising to reduce physical and intellectual limitations of human beings. Our lives are entirely controlled by the electronic gadgets that we use. We use multiple apps that help us one way or […]

5 Magento Extensions One Must Have

The key to any eCommerce solution is creativity and flexibility to make the online business impactful. Magento is one of the most reputable and reliable eCommerce solution providers available in the market. In order to improve the productivity, Magento extension is used to help setting up eCommerce store with an excess of features and functionalities. […]

Know how Nokia Turns to Android for New Mobile Range

After a brief break, Nokia is planning to restart its push to join the tablet and smartphone market. HMD will, however, not be using the Symbian or Windows Operating System for its new phones. Nokia has something else in mind; they realize that Android has a huge hold on the global market. As a result, […]

Top 7 Magento Blog Extensions for Your eCommerce Website

Magento Blog Extensions for Your eCommerce Website Magento is considered perfect and the most preferred eCommerce solution by many professionals for creating their websites. But for a business hike just creating a store with this platform is not enough, you have to choose better caching systems, marketing tools, best plugins and much more to take […]

Steps to make your Android Hacker Proof

Make your Android Hacker Proof Computers and internet have brought many wonders to us, but also some concerns about our privacy. Never before, even in the age of dictatorships, private life of people hasn’t been exposed in this measure, and we have to do what is in our power to prevent it to happen to […]

Select the best deals on the move: Couponraja Mobile App

Couponraja Mobile App: Select the best deals on the move Technology improves every second of the day and the wise use this change to their advantage. Every change is inspired by a certain everyday need and it provides us with a convenient solution to our problems, making life a little bit easier. The internet was possibly […]

Android apps that help you manage your time

Android apps that help you manage your time Time is more important than we can imagine. It’s something we need a lot but once gone, we can’t turn back. That’s why we have to make the best of it and this can only happen when it’s planned properly. Time management used to take a bit […]

Top 5 Open Source eCommerce Software

Top 5 Open Source eCommerce Software Choosing an open-source e-Commerce solution is a complicated task as you are bombarded with number of packages and options. Each of the software has its own set of plus and minus. It is best to try research about the e-Commerce platform before choosing it. Like other functions of Internet […]

CompTIA’s Market Oriented Exam “ADR 001” for Android App Developers

“ADR 001” Exam for Android App Developers by CompTIA CompTIA’s latest mobile centered certification i.e. Mobile App Security+ is carefully designed to spread knowledge and skills related to security among mobile application developers. As more and more rise has been seen in the number of app downloads per year, a need was arising to train […]

Google Nexus 7 vs iPad Mini (Apple)

Google Nexus 7 vs iPad Mini In the world of smartphones, two names always come out on top while discussing the best mobile operating system: Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS. These two have been at loggerheads for a long time and no one has yet become the clear winner as both of these two giants […]

Top 5 Must Have Apps for Travelers

Mobile phones have become an indispensable part of our everyday lives. They come in handy for travelers since they provide them with access to apps for free. Various applications help you save a lot of money in case of booking hotel rooms, tickets and searching the best deals on good shops and restaurants. Both Android […]