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How to recover Mobile Tracker Password on Android

NOTE: The device should be ROOTED to get the password. Also we will not be held responsible for any problem or failure occurs on your device due to this. Many Android based Smartphone manufacturers especially Samsung comes with mobile tracker which help user in case of they lost their phone. This application send a SMS
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Android Permission Denied Error while rooting Device

_ Sometime while root any device using Android Debug Bridge (adb) it shows following errors Error 1: /data/local/GingerBreak: permission denied Error 2: Cannot copy boomsh.: Permission denied Solution (Error 1) After going to ADB shell of the device when you execute “/data/local/GingerBreak” shows following error: E:\ADB\adb.exe shell $ /data/local/GingerBreak /data/local/GingerBreak /data/local/GingerBreak: permission denied   To
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