Ed Iacobucci

Edward Iacobucci ((September 26, 1953 ā€“ June 21, 2013)

Edward Iacobucci, founder of Citrix Systems, died Friday morning due to pancreatic cancer at the age of 59. He was born in Argentina and completed his systems engineering at Georgia Tech. He started his career as Software Engineer at IBM in 1979. After 10 years i.e. 1989 he left IBM and founded Citrix System where he served as Chairman and Chief Technology Officer. He retired from Citrix in year 2000.

After his retirement he co-founded DayJet in year 2002, which ceased operations in 2008. A year later he founded VirtualWorks Group but last month he stepdown as CEO due to health reasons.

In a press release issued by VirtualWorks is included a quote attributed to Iacobucci during an award ceremony in 1998: “Every human being has his own vision of what’s happening in the future. I was lucky in that what I thought would happen did happen. When we know we can do it and the rest of the world doesn’t — that’s when things get interesting.”

From last two year, I have been working on Citrix based xenserver and this event is really a great lost to technology world…. May his soul rest in peace.