FIX:- Performance Problem on Ubuntu (Slow ALT+TAB)

By: Published: Nov 29th, 2012 Category: Linux Tips, Ubuntu

Last week I have installed “Macbuntu” on my Ubuntu 10.04 system which looks fabulous but it was putting extra burden on Resource of my system. So, I un-installed it and after reboot it was just like fresh installed system i.e. all my customized settings, desktop, wallpapers were switched back to default settings.

After 20-30 minutes I was able to customized the system as per my requirements but still there were two things which we not acting as per my previous settings which were

1) Terminal was not showing Desktop wallpaper as background (instead if I make it transparent it just transparent the screen which shows applications behind it). Just like below image

2) ALT+TAB which is used to switch between the applications was really very show and it was showing a preview of every application (which is consuming more resources and making it slow).

I have searched on forums and found that Gnome’s “Compositing manager (compiz)” is enabled on the system. Compositing manager is a component which is used to enhance the GUI (Graphical User Interface). You can disable it through command line or through Gnome Editor.

For Command Line execute following command on terminal of your system.

gconftool-2 -s ‘/apps/metacity/general/compositing_manager’ –type bool false

For Graphical User

Press Alt-F2 to open the Run Application dialog (like below image). Type gconf-editor and press enter.

Navigate to apps >> metacity >> general and uncheck the compositing_manager option.

Thats it and everything seems working properly again. I can see the desktop image on terminal as well as ALT+TAB is giving fast results.


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