Social media has totally changed the way most companies communicate with their customers. What was once to be a one-way communication is now a two-way dialogue. Customers can now make feedback to certain companies. Fortunately, these feedback, both positive and negative can be used to improve one’s products and services.

Before, companies used to reach clients out of different traditional formats: radio, TV, newspaper and other printed mediums. All of these until today are still a viable option for advertising. However, the major drawback is that none of them can make it possible to track ROI. Indeed, with its sophistication, the world of social media becomes the new normal for the modern marketers.

In handling social media accounts, various positions have already surfaced such as ‘Community Manager’ or ‘Social Media Manager’. These positions have already become a crucial pose for most companies, both small and large.

In fact, it’s becoming a trend that today’s professionals are already expected to become social media experts. This is to ensure that they will be able to take over management of the company’s social media profile every time needed.

If you are into learning various effective social management ideas, this infographic will be of help. You can consider this as a short course for effective social media management. We hope to give you a good understanding about some basic yet crucial things in managing a company’s social media account. Also, herewith is an added information about various blogging mistakes that might be hurting your SEO efforts.


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