Microsoft has announced that they are shutting down Windows Live Spaces and will migrate all the existing users to All the information of users like their content, and if any visitor visits existing Microsoft Live Spaces sites they will be automatically redirected to the new domain.

At the time of migration wsers have the options of transferring their content to WordPress, downloading it and storing it locally or deleting it when they hit the migration page. I have Just migrated my Windows Live Spaces blog to WordPress and in this post I will explain the exact steps

As soon as you login into you Windows Live Space you will get following screen which notify users about the switch/migration.

Here, user will get option to Migrate the Space to wordpress or Download Your blog to local system or Delete the Space or the user can just ignore and go to his space. If you are ready press “Get started. Upgrade my blog to

On next screen you will get some basic instructions about the migration. Press Continue

Now you will get Actual Migration Screen where it will ask you to re-connect your MSN. Press Connect and relogin in your account.

If you are already registered with WordPress you can login and integrate blog with existing blog or create new wordpress blog for Live Space.

On “Create another Blog” page fill all information about your new WordPress Blog. Click on “Create Blog

Once you get Miration Complete window like below. That means you have successfully migrated your Windows Live Space to WordPress.