Website Development 101: Simple Strategies For Success

These days, many business owners have realized that maintaining an excellent website can help them generate more sales, enhance the brand awareness process, induce product loyalty, and increase industry influence. However, not all business owners take the time to learn which strategies they need to implement for website optimization purposes. If this is your shortcoming, don’t worry. This article provides you with four website development techniques you can implement to increase the likelihood of you attaining e-commerce success:

1. Select The Right Domain Name.

One strategy you can implement to optimize your web development process is selecting the right domain name. Domain names are important because they can take your level of site traffic from average to amazing. This is especially the case if you select a domain name that is catchy, compelling, or directly relevant to your brand. Companies such as Network Solutions are pleased to provide clients with a wide range of domains services and products to ensure that they can make the most of this aspect of the web optimization process.

2. Conduct Thorough Research On Your Target Market.

Target market research is an integral component of any effective marketing campaign. More specifically, this research is pertinent to the world of web optimization. This is the case because you want your website to be filled with content, images, and icons that members of your audience will find relevant, value-adding, helpful, etc. Yet if you don’t know that much about your target market, your ability to make your website meaningful and relevant to these individuals is severely hampered. Luckily, you can hire digital experts to do the target market research necessary to keep your customers to participate in marketing efforts. Generally, the researchers will obtain information about four types of data to see what your audience is all about. Those four types include demographic, behaviouristic, psychographic, and geographic data.

3. Make Communication Constant.

Another technique you can implement to optimize your website is making communication constant. Taking this step will empower you to maintain up-to-date information regarding what your prospects are thinking and feeling. Constant communication also optimizes brand awareness by ensuring that your audience is always learning about things that pertain to your product or service line. There are multiple techniques you could use to make communication constant. One is the use of social media optimization (SMO) techniques like tweeting. You can tweet anywhere from one to five times a day and respond directly to any members of the target market who respond to you. Email marketing is another technique you might deploy to make communication constant. Make sure that the reality of these modes of communication are discussed in your website. For example, you can include an icon on your home page that encourages site visitors to sign up for your e-newsletter.


Once business owners realize that maintaining an excellent online store can entail great outcomes like conversion enhancement, it’s time to focus on which web optimization techniques can be deployed to make it happen. Three web optimization strategies that might prove advantageous for you include using domain name services, conducting thorough research on your target audience, and making communication constant. Incorporate these marketing techniques into your current strategic plan for web development so you can begin growing your company online!

How Did Apple Become Evil Corp: A Price Examination

Once in awhile, it’s good to think about the bigger questions in life. In this article, complete with help from , we will answer one that’s been on all of our minds.

Many people have drawn comparisons between Apple and Evil Corp from the hit tech show Mr. Robot. The reasons are obvious.  The overarching corporation concerned with “making money by any means necessary,” a symbol of greed, and the parallel with Apple’s aesthetic high priced focused approach to luxury makes sense.

It’s not a new trope, played up extensively by movies like Elysium and Repo Men to point out the overarching Greed that many companies use as their baseline value.  

The question is, just how greedy are companies like Apple?

It’s easy to look at:

  • Profits
  • Costs
  • The treatment of their employees and their impact on the world altruistically as indicators.

A more interesting approach is to look at just one product.  More specifically, a product that’s had an impact on how many people travel communicate, research, and even order food.

The iPhone has undergone many changes in the past few years. Now, with its tenth anniversary, it’s good to take a look at how its changed in one essential way: Price.

It’s important to take the guesswork out of whether something as important has price has changed over time as a result of manufacturing costs or the difference in the quality of the product.

The team over at Meilleur Hebergeur Web did us a favor and helped to dig through the records to see what we could find out. Not only that, Meilleur Hebergement Web put it together into a cool little graphic that shows details like how much profit they’ve made over time, and how much cheaper or more its cost to make each iPhone Apple sold.

Now we can know for sure, “Is Apple As Greedy As Evil Corp?”.


4 Tips for Hosting a Business Event on a Limited Budget

We all know that companies now use social media for marketing because it’s one of the cheapest ways for them to reach their audience. Still, when it comes to meeting new customers and business partners, there’s nothing better than hosting an event. But what to do when you want to host a successful event but you’re working on a tight budget? We’ve come up with 4 tips that are guaranteed to help.

Start looking for your venue early

Choosing the venue for your event is always the most difficult part of hosting an event but it’s even more difficult when you’re working with very little money. That’s why it might be a good idea to start looking for your venue as early as possible. That way, you’ll have enough time to find a venue that’s affordable and still meets all of your requirements. Not only this, but sometimes you’ll end up paying less when you make an early reservation, but that depends on the type of venue you’ll be using. Also, try to figure out if off-season dates do the trick for your event since the cost of your venue will be much lower during less popular dates.

Go digital

We’d all like to design pretty invitations for our events but the truth is – these tend to cost quite a lot. Not only that you need to have someone design them for you but you’ll also have to cover all the printing costs which can be quite high when hosting a big event. Therefore, sending your invitations by email is a much better idea. First of all, you’ll be saving yourself a lot of money which is exactly what you’re aiming at. On top of that, people nowadays check their email more often than they check real mail, which makes digital invitations even more appealing. Last but not least, you can always include a map to the venue you’ve chosen that’ll help your invitees find you.

Don’t try to do everything on your own

Event planning really is a difficult task, and if you try to do everything on your own, it can easily backfire. Sometimes, you might be thinking that you’ve got yourself a great deal only to realize you had better options. That’s why even though you’re hosting an event on a shoestring budget, asking experts to help you out is still a good idea. Luckily, there are renowned event management companies you can turn to. These companies have trained professionals who’ll definitely help you host a great event without having to spend too much. Also, there’s no reason not to include your employees into the project and save money by having them contribute as well.


Be more flexible

It’s very important for you to know what aspects of your event you need to prioritize. Once you know that, you can allow yourself to be more flexible with what seem to be less important elements of your event. Sometimes, what you’re offered at a lower cost may not be ideal but it can still do the trick for your event. Go for options like that and you’ll save yourself tons of money. Of course, this may be less stylish but it still serves the function. For example, you can think about the idea of using recycled items at your event. Not only that these cost less but they also help you show that you care about the environment.

There you have it – 4 tips that will allow you to host your dream event without breaking the budget. Just put enough effort into planning the event and there’ll be nothing for you to worry about.

10 Tips on choosing best WordPress hosting for your needs

The perks of choosing a suitable web hosting provider are often overlooked by the average individual eager to run a successful website. WordPress, one of the world’s most popular web hosting companies, can be the key to increasing online sales. However, you have to make a sound decision. Before making a final selection, we’ve decided to give you 10 tips to help you choose the best WordPress hosting for your needs.

  1. Choose a type of web hosting

Did you know that there are numerous types of hosting options available? With WordPress, you have: free, VPS, shared, dedicated, and managed hosting. Reliability, speed, and security are the three main factors you should be looking at before making your final pick. Evaluate the needs of your business prior to spending any money, and consult with a specialist if you’re new to this domain.

  1. Evaluate your hosting needs

We’ve already mentioned the types of hosting available with WordPress. Next, focus on the needs of your website. Answer yourself the following questions: Does my website need paid hosting or a free package is enough? Do I want to monetize my website, improve SEO and sales? How do I know what my hosting needs are? It’s ok to not know all the answers. But make sure to discuss with someone who can help you make the right call.

  1. Analyze the perks of free WordPress hosting

With WordPress, you have the option to go for free hosting and get your website up and running at no expense. In general, free services are managed by people who are reselling a small percentage of their personal server to cover the loss. The main problem with free hosting packages is that your website is packed with random ads; some of them may not relate to your business at all, and others are actually suspicious or malicious. Think twice before doing so.

  1. Have a closer look at shared WordPress hosting

With WordPress, the most popular type of web hosting is shared hosting. If you’re a beginner, this option might just be what you need to kickstart your business. Basically, shared hosting implies having a single server with multiples websites. Rates are affordable, so you won’t have to spend a fortune to run your online business.

  1. Know the downsides of shared hosting

You might be tempted to believe that with shared hosting you have limitless resources. In reality, there are certain restrictions based on the provider you’re working with. If your website beings consuming too much space on the shared server, you will be asked to upgrade your account, and pay extra.

  1. Find out more about VPS hosting

VPS, also known as the virtual private server, is better translated to a virtual machine. In layman’s terms, it’s a technique to partition a physical server computer and split it into multiple servers based on the individual needs of the customer. VPS may not be a dedicated server, but it’s cheaper and the benefits are similar.

  1. Know your priorities before choosing VPS

Often times, intermediate users, developers, and even mid-sized bloggers choose VPS hosting to make their websites scalable. However, you shouldn’t do it alone; if your technical experience is limited, make sure to invest in managed VPS.

  1. Benefit from the benefits of a dedicated web hosting

Leaving aside free and VPS web hosting, a third option is a dedicated WordPress hosting. This option is best if you have a website that’s already popular, and you’re looking to make it into a profitable online business. You are advised to choose this option if your site is already receiving significant traffic; otherwise, you don’t really need it.

9 . Learn about the customer service offered before choosing a web hosting provider

With free hosting, the support you get from a provider is limited. It’s important to make an informed decision, especially if the aim is to monetize your site by increasing traffic. Dedicated and managed hosting are well-known for providing excellent support to customers, and that’s mainly because the packaged are paid.

  1. Know about the costs involved before investing in web hosting

Before you choose a web hosting provider, make sure to learn about the costs involved. There are numerous providers out there that pride with excellent packaged but might feature hidden costs. Whether managed vps hosting, it’s best to get informed of spending any money.

Check online reviews and read the forums to see what others have to say about this matter. Even better, look for providers with free trials so that you can test the full capabilities of a web hosting without paying for it.

Everything You Need to Know About Micro-Influencers

Influencer marketing has gained massive popularity in the advertising industry, with marketers and companies spending enormous amounts of money on influencers to promote products and services and reach a bigger audience than ever before. Customers have all but lost their trust in big business and advertising in general, prompting the shift towards honest recommendations from family, friends, and influencers. While large corporations have the necessary budgets to hire the biggest names in the industry, small businesses often find it difficult to get those names to help them out. This is where micro-influencers come into play.

Who are micro-influencers?

Unlike your typical celebrity, industry expert or a public figure, micro-influencers are basically social media users. They are individuals who specialize or work in specific vertical markets and often engage their social media audiences by sharing their particular interests. The average micro-influencer has a following ranging from 1,000 to 50,000 followers. Although this might seem as a rather large following to the average person, have in mind that Instagram celebrity and mega-influencers often have a following measured in millions of users.

Why micro-influencers and not influencers?

You might think that the use of micro-influencers is very counterintuitive. Why would companies pay someone who has a smaller following when there are more than enough influencers with much larger audiences? Although the price difference is a factor, it is hardly a deciding one. In fact, one of the main reasons why micro-influencers produce better results is because their audience engagement is through the roof. On average, micro-influencers with less than 1,000 followers will be engaged 8% of the time, whereas an influencer with millions of followers generates only around 4%.

What makes micro-influencing so effective?

Micro-influencers often have a personal connection with their audience. They have worked their way up from the bottom, earning new followers by posting genuinely interesting and engaging content and sharing their own personal tastes and interests. Big influencers and celebrities might have very large audiences, but these people are often worlds apart from one another. Micro-influencer following is often more tightly knit and very vocal about the things they love and find interesting, rather than simply following yet another trendy influencer.

This means that micro-influencers have a rather targeted audience of genuine followers who are ready to do whatever they can to support their shared interests. Having a smaller audience is exactly what allows micro-influencers to actively engage their followers, which is something large influencers could never accomplish due to their enormous audience. A smaller audience also makes professional media monitoring a lot easier, allowing micro-influencers to further improve their advertising efforts.

Micro-influencers are also more affordable, allowing startups and small businesses to enjoy their services without having to sacrifice a large portion of their budgets. In some cases, it can cheaper and far more efficient to hire a hundred of micro-influencers than it would be to pay a single celebrity for a single Instagram post. Additionally, micro-influencers are real and authentic people who share their own content, respond to comments and private messages and generally behave like an ordinary person and not like some spoiled celebrity.

Even the social media giants have realized just how effective micro-influencers can be. Instagram has made changes to its algorithm in order to mimic its parent company, Facebook. Posts from people you interact with are now shown first and authentic content has a greater priority than promotional content paid for by large brands. This could potentially make content made by micro-influencers far more visible on your feed than content coming from celebrities and mega-influencers, provided you show enough interest.

5 Tips for Making a Killer Presentation

Having a million-dollar idea is something that a lot of entrepreneurs would kill, die or sell their soul to the devil for but an idea alone isn’t enough to get you over the top. You see, in order to tackle this massive endeavor, you need the assistance of others and persuading them isn’t a small matter. Unless you find a way to share this vision with your investors, teammates and partners in the right way, you aren’t likely to get the ball rolling. With this in mind, you need to learn how to make a great presentation and here are five tips you might just find useful.

1.      Keep it simple

The first thing you need to keep in mind that in order to be powerful, the message you are trying to convey needs to be simple. Getting entangled in abstract thoughts and notions might result in a loss of interest for the most of your audience. Even those who do stay with you until the end of the presentation may not find it very convincing, seeing how their role in this whole matter may seem a bit ambiguous. In other words, you need to be as simple and direct in both what you hope to achieve and what kind of assistance you need from people present.

2.      Engage your audience

In the previous section, we mentioned the risk of losing the attention of your audience. This is a risk that can be asserted by finding the right way to engage your audience. For instance, you can start by informing them about what they stand to benefit from the presentation. You can emphasize keywords, make the right use of pauses or even use numbers and comparisons to animate them and allow easier immersion.

3.      Invest in a quality design

Another thing you need to keep in mind is the fact that humans are highly visual creatures. This means that the content they hear might be quite ineffective unless they find an adequate visual stimulus to endorse it. Here, you can either invest a fair amount of research and work on your side or even outsource these presentation design services to someone with more experience in this area. In this way, you will get the right measure of visual style, aside from focusing on structure and narrative of your presentation.

4.      Keep the presentation dynamic

There is nothing that kills the interest of an audience like a static posture and a monotonous voice of the person holding a presentation. Breaking this monotony, however, is quite simple. All you need to do is play a bit with a tone of your voice, ask some questions to the people across the room and move around as much as you can. Your gestures and non-verbal communication means are additional skills that can help you make a greater impact on the people in the room but they are also something that requires a lot of practice to master.

5.      Enhance with a personal story

Finally, keep in mind that, although interesting in nature, abstract stories of success may sometimes sound like a fiction. In order to break this barrier, you may try to enhance your presentation with a personal story or an example from real life. In this way, you can really make some difference and offer a whole new level of immersion to your audience.


Even though there are some other issues you want to address in order to improve your presentation skills, working on these five issues alone can significantly improve your odds of winning over even some of the toughest crowds out there. The best thing about this, however, is a fact that this is a pure win-win scenario. For your business, it means a much better chance of making it, while for you personally, it means another item to add to your list of skills. It really doesn’t get any better.

The Importance of Financial Planning for the Growth of Startups and Small Businesses

Starting your own business is an extremely risky, but ultimately exciting and rewarding adventure. The act of transferring business ideas from a piece of paper into the real world is a completely different ball game then, let’s say, being an employee and doing someone else’s bidding.

Starting your own company is not only preceded but also followed by a specific set of guidelines that ensure a sustainable growth and development, steady income and setting up the necessary funds in case the whole thing goes south. That said, there’s a number of ways you can use financial planning to develop and maintain a profitable startup.

Measuring progress

Keeping track of progress is crucial for small businesses, especially during the first few months of their startup. Having a properly devised financial plan allows business owners to know exactly when and where to invest and properly distribute the funding. Once the funding has been adequately distributed, measuring success becomes easy, as you know exactly how much has been spent on the business and how much profit the business is actually generating.

The cost-profit ratio

Every business owner knows that the profit margins need to be higher than the expenses. But the practical use of this knowledge is often a completely different matter than that described by the leading business theories. In truth, business owners need to prepare themselves for times when they will have to make hard and unpleasant decisions. Giving your employees a raise when the business is doing well is perfectly normal and understandable, but so is cutting down the budget expenses when the business is struggling.

Expenditure management

No matter what business you’re working in, all the industries experience seasonal variations regarding their streams of revenue. With a well-thought-out financial plan, business owners are presented with an opportunity to predict any future expenditures their businesses might have. This is extremely important, as it allows you to know exactly how much resources you’ll need when dealing with various costs and it may be a wise idea to hire the best company specialized in financial services Sydney has to offer.

Setting up emergency funding

One of the most important aspects of setting up a business is setting up an emergency funding in case anything goes wrong with your business. Not only that, but more often than not, startup owners tend to spend too much cash when they start earning a lot, which completely ruins the already set financial plan and leads to additional funding being spent on keeping the business afloat. A good financial plan takes this kind of situations into the account and helps business owners save company money for real emergencies.

Long-term planning

Running a successful startup would be virtually impossible without a long-term financial plan. The problem is that most business owners focus only on the short-term goals, which results in business growing at a very slow pace and failing to reach its full potential. However, with a long-term financial plan, figuring out where to invest in the long run becomes a piece of well-calculated and planned-out financial cake.

Besides progress measurements, finding the optimal cost-profit ratio and setting up long-term plans and emergency funding, a properly devised financial plan provides the structure needed to run your business successfully. Financial planning might seem overwhelming at times and looking at all those numbers and financial formulas will most definitely haunt your dreams at some point or the other, but it does provide clear and measurable benefits. In case you know absolutely nothing regarding financial planning, it may be best to hire a professional company or outsource a season planner to help you set up and run your very own startup efficiently.

Digital trends in 2017-2018: is SEO still the same?

A lot of things have changed in the world of SEO over the past couple of years. In fact, SEO is a digital marketing field where nothing will ever stay the same. Search engines change their algorithms monthly to provide the people with better, more qualitative experiences when accessing the web. In layman’s terms, SEO is a war zone, where if you want to stand above the competition, you need to do things differently.

One of the smartest ways to stay competitive is to know more about upcoming trends; however they’re changing the way we search, and then adjust our content strategy before anyone else can catch up. The search engine optimization industry is on the move; constantly. It pays to be aware of what comes next. Thus far, 2017 has brought on some hardcore changes. Let’s check them out so that we can be fully prepared for 2018.

Native ads for outstanding organic visibility

Native advertising is more than a mere SEO trend. It has turned into a sought-after digital marketing strategy. Users are getting tired and annoyed by irrelevant and frustrating ads. For example, when browsing a website nobody wants to see ad pops fill out their screen out of the blue. It’s a common concern that can be tackled with native ads.

What so special about native ads? To begin with, brands can use them to market their services a lot better. They can do it without appearing intrusive or disruptive. These ads blend in; you won’t even notice them when clicking on a site. But if the ad is a good one, users might be inclined to click on it without feeling pressured to do so.

Experts in the digital marketing niche emphasize that CTR rates that come from premium native ads are 4 times higher than the conventional pop up ad. Also, the engagement rates are higher on smartphones and tablets, where there’s little space to even have the patience to watch a popup. Native ads merge beautifully with your content; done right they might prove an efficient solution for your SEO.

Customer-focused & personalized content

Content marketing finally got some real attention in 2017. It shouldn’t surprise you that in 2018, it will be even bigger. Marketers want their campaigns to render results. The savviest have realized that they do it without qualitative, SEO-optimized content. The core purpose is to grab attention, and make customers curious about what you have to offer. That can only be achieved with customer-focused and personalized content.

People no longer want to buy things online for the sake of buying; or because they need something. They want to be part of a journey; they want to be wowed by something nobody else can offer them. How do you cater to the needs and wants of your prospects? The key is to ditch traditional content; and make yours more dynamic and attention-grabbing. This is where smart calls-to-action come in.


Leverage the perks of influencer marketing

Influencer marketing goes hand in hand with SEO. The right person can help get your content “out in the world. You have two options: you can either transform customers into influencers, or contact influencers directly and negotiate a bargain.

According to MuseFind, 92% of consumers today trust influencers more than traditional celebrity endorsements or ads. Brands leverage the power of influencers for more than marketing purposes. These women are an excellent feedback tool because brands can use them to understand the needs of the customer.

Influencers are taking social media marketing by storm. Their role goes beyond promoting a product. Brands can use the feedback to refine and grow their target audience. In this case, micro-influencers might seem better than macro-influencers.

As opposed to macro-influencers, the audience of a micro-influencer is more targeted; triggering higher conversion rates. A micro-influencer’s social media channels have a more personal allure. The content published is focused more on who they are and what they do; not so much on what they advertise. Brands can use these people to their advantage by crafting more targeted campaigns; boosting engagement and conversion rates.

Know as much as possible about content creators 

SEO is no longer about stuffing your articles with keywords. It’s equally important to make your content easy to read and memorate. To achieve that, make it customized and unique. Collaborate with experienced writers who know about both SEO and quality content creation for your brand and business. Their knowledge and experience can help expand your reach.

Have a game plan in mind. Promote content that appeals to an audience, and don’t limit yourself to being purely informational. Contrary to popular belief, there are ways to make your SEO articles or blog posts both creative and optimized. The best writers play with the words in a way that entices your targeted audience. The best types are infographics, case studies, how-to guides, and know-how type of articles.

Use the right data to bring conversions

SEO has always had one goal: to convert prospects into customers. Digital marketers understand the purpose, although very few do something to change their strategies. The more you understand how your customer interact and behave on your website, the better chances you have to convert them into paying customers.

Metrics and analytics are still a big piece of the SEO puzzle. The right tools paired with smart analysis of the data will make your SEO attempts skyrocket. It all starts with targeting your audience the right way. Move on to segmenting your audience, and leverage the power of email marketing for even better results.

It’s tough to stay ahead of the game in a digital marketing world where everyone wants to be number one. Have a plan in mind, and consider the guidelines we’ve mentioned above. Use native ads to make your campaigns user-friendly, focus more on the content by hiring the best content creators, and don’t overlook analytics and influencer marketing to help your strategy thrive. In the end, you can always ask for help from an experience SEO agency London; just to be sure you’re doing things the right way.

4 reasons why small businesses should shift to Cloud

Small business owners work extra hours to keep their businesses afloat in the initial months after launch. There are many responsibilities and not enough team members to support the workload.

In these busy times, the presence of a secure data storage facility can take a fair amount of load off your shoulders. In the beginning of the business journey, a lot needs to be documented and saved for official use. This information can’t be considered safe in an office PC or a laptop. And that’s why small businesses should shift to Cloud storage.

Cloud has become a buzzword in the business world, but its meaning or use isn’t clear to many. That’s why, business owners hesitate when presented with the opportunity to shift to Cloud.

If you use the internet frequently, chances are that you have already used the cloud without realizing it. Do you have accounts on YouTube, Flickr and Instagram? They use the Cloud. Web mail services like Gmail and Hotmail use Cloud. Most of the banking apps use Cloud. Does it still seem unfamiliar?

Cloud storage services use the internet to outsource simple things that you do on a computer. They handle simple storage, complex data storage for connected devices as well as development, processing and security between interconnected machines.

Cloud service providers usually provide the specific services your business needs, or offer a plan to cover IT needs for your business type. A recent study on Cloud computing trends in enterprises has found out that:

In the twelve months since the last State of the Cloud Survey, we’ve seen private cloud adoption fall slightly. The respondents those who adopt cloud tech is 72 % while the decline refer to last year was 77 %. As a result, use of hybrid cloud environments has fallen to 67 percent from 71 percent last year. In total, 95% of respondents are now moving towards cloud Technology.


Let’s look at some major reasons why small businesses should shift to the Cloud:

It’s cost-effective:

The best thing about Cloud is that it operates on a pay-as-you-go basis. This means that businesses don’t have to worry about buying expensive equipment or securing it.

Not to mention the worry of securing hardware from natural disasters. Small businesses can enjoy operations from the Cloud on a manageable budget. With the Cloud, there’s no need for storage hardware except the gadgets you need to input data.

Virtualization increases the chances of doing more in less. The cost of physical servers hardware is completely saved.

It’s flexible:

If you have used Flickr for photo sharing or Gmail for attachments, you will agree with this. Cloud makes data easily available wherever you want, whenever you want. You can access work files wherever you are and keep the business running smoothly.

Small businesses need this flexibility, as most of them don’t start with big teams or resources. Today’s world is mobile. Cloud makes your data accessible on any device, and you don’t have to wait around till you have access to your office computer anymore.

As a business expands and more employees are hired, it is essential for them to be able to access work files from anywhere in times of need. Small businesses can also start by asking employees to bring their own devices, because Cloud eliminates the worry of storing data.

It’s integrated:

Cloud makes your data increasingly integrated. Integration and syncing make work a whole lot easier than trying to perform the tasks manually. Small businesses operating on cloud can adapt to various cloud-based solutions with ease.

Human resources, marketing, accounting and various other departments can integrate over the cloud in small businesses. While cloud provides ease to business owners in these crucial areas, they can focus on the more critical tasks to expand their business.

It’s secure:

Business owners believe that handing over their data to a foreign server is completely unsafe. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In reality, Cloud is more secure than traditional storage.

What is a natural disaster like a flood or an earthquake strikes? If you are storing data in-house, as a small business, what will you do once the hardware gets affected? And have you considered the risks if your data gets stolen? Even with state-of-the-art security, your data might still be vulnerable to theft.

Cloud services provide you with the option to lock up your data and its backups on a virtual storage, away from any kind of destruction. Taking care of business infrastructure is never easy, even with cloud storage. However, the latter provides solid backup and restoration options to ensure that your data is safe.

There are other forms of security breaches that might occur, such as a potential cut in the availability of power, outages in networks, failures in hardware and common human errors. These security shortcomings are well addressed by a specialized cloud computing service provider, because they have already invested some significant time in the compliance to the standard of securities, infrastructure redundancies and the best operational practices.-finances online

Last word:

Since cloud companies deal with securing and handling data, they employ the best personnel to handle every task. They go to great lengths to install the latest security systems and the most fool-proof measures to ensure your data’s safety.

While this is a great business strategy, savvy businesses understand that they must also monitor data to secure it from outages and scams.



Traditional and Digital Marketing Why Combining Them is Important

There’s no shortage of innovation in the marketing world. However, the market is constantly changing alongside customer expectations. Nowadays, it’s more difficult to land a sales pitch or to market a product than ever before. The main reason is that the market is constantly growing and the number of marketers increases as well. That’s why marketers need to put in extra effort to create something that hasn’t been seen before and offer something unique to the customers.


Nevertheless, marketers mostly focus on digital marketing because it offers more opportunities and more flexibility in creating good campaigns than traditional marketing. But, the true potential lies in the combination of the old school and new school. After all, traditional marketing still has its unique ways of attracting customers, while digital marketing opens new doors for promotions. Here are a few reasons why combining traditional and digital marketing is important.

Every customer counts

In the business world, having as many customers as possible is the key to success. On the other hand, in the marketing world converting as many leads as possible into customers is the key to success. Every business depends on effective marketing, because otherwise, they have no way of reaching their target audience or promoting their offers.

However, when your target audience consists of both online and offline customers, you can’t simply focus on only digital or traditional marketing. Instead, you have to use both or, better yet, the combination of the two and bring your entire audience together for a single promotion. Focusing on only one marketing method results in the loss of customers and no matter how large or small their numbers may be, every customer counts.

Traditional marketing helps gather people online

Almost everyone has access to the Internet these days. However, some people don’t like to spend as much time online as others. These people are called offline customers, but they still use the Internet and can be found on social media, although rarely compared to others. That’s where traditional marketing comes into play to remind offline customers about the happenings online.

Marketers reach out to offline customers using TV ads, specialized segments in brochures or magazines or they utilize reliable printing services to create customized printed ads and send them via mail. That way, marketers make sure that their offline customers receive the message on time, instead of hoping that they’ll catch it when they’re online.

Digital compliments traditional marketing

Traditional marketing has the potential to reach offline customers, but there are difficulties when trying to engage with the online customers. For instance, brick-and-mortar stores that rely on traditional marketing to promote sales and offer discounts, may have difficulties attracting and engaging with customers that prefer to do their shopping online.

Online shoppers still have to visit a retail store every once in a while to try out clothes, for example, but they also expect the same quality of service and personalized content like with online promotions. However, with the use of digital marketing methods, retail stores can gather information needed to provide the best customer experience for online shoppers and customize their store as well as their merchandise for a more personalized experience.

Builds customer loyalty

Combining traditional marketing with digital marketing isn’t just meant to cover both offline and online audiences but to build relationships with customers on all levels. Customer loyalty is important to every business and satisfied customers have a higher retention rate. By combining the marketing methods, businesses can stay in touch with all of their customers and find ways to keep everyone engaged.

Moreover, offline customers will appreciate the fact that the brands haven’t forgotten about them and that they’re still committed to offline customers, while online customers will be happy to be reminded of their favorite brand even when they’re not online. That way, brands are able to establish and maintain a relationship with their entire target audience, regardless of their online or offline presence.

The Internet and the technological advancements have opened new doors for marketers around the globe. This made marketers focus on digital marketing, while leaving traditional methods in the dust. However, the true potential lies in the combination of traditional and digital means, to produce truly amazing marketing campaigns that will suit everyone.

Five crucial steps before launching a website

One of the most exciting things you will do in your career is establishing your own business. Whether it is brick and mortar or an online business, you will realize that you get many opportunities for growth. You will also have the freedom to choose what you want to do and when you want to do it. It will create opportunities for you to enjoy what you are doing. Even so, launching your online business is not as simple as it sounds. There are some critical steps you need to follow to ensure that your launch your website.

Know what is missing in your industry

The first step to starting a successful business is understanding your niche. What industry are you thinking to enter and what does that industry need? As an entrepreneur, your main goal is to find and fill gaps in the market. You need to think about something that no other company in the industry has thought about and try to fill that gap. You may have to seek to look at a company that has been successful and see what differences they found in the market and how they filled those gaps. This will give you a broader perspective of what you are required to do.

Review everything

One thing you will realize is that content is king. The amount of traffic you have on your site will depend on the quality of your content. Today, people understand that knowledge is power. If your content is not adding any value to their lives, they are unlikely to visit your site again or recommend you to their friends. However, if your site has great content, you have a higher chance of getting a fan base that has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. You, therefore, need to review every new article that you post on your website. You also need to ensure that your videos are loading correctly. You also have to make sure that your keywords are relevant to the content that you are posting. Doing all this will ensure you have a good ranking on search engines and that you never get penalized by Google.

Allow for responsive design

You must have noticed by now that most people get on the internet using their mobile phones. People Google for products before they even they get out of bed. They will read stories on the bus or train before they get to work and will even Google something that pops in their mind as they are taking coffee. According to statistics by Google, more than 86% of the total internet users are using the internet on their phones. As an entrepreneur, you must tap into this market. An excellent way to do this is to ensure that your website has a responsive design. This will allow people to read, comment and share your content on their mobile phones. A responsive design will enable you to get a great website that is accessible on any platform.


It is critical for you to ensure that your website is functional. Ensure that all buttons a user has to click are working. You also need to make sure that the features are working as they should. As a website owner, you should be your website’s first user. Use it on as many different platforms as possible. You will notice buttons are overlapping of words that are not visible in the content posted. Ensure the lead generation forms, comments, email lists, and social sharing are all working correctly. Anything that does not function as it should turn off your customer. They will compare your site to that of the competition regarding functionality and responsiveness.

Data security

Your customers will want to know what measures you have put in place to ensure that any data they share with you will be protected. They need to know that you will not be sharing any of their credit card information, location or names with anyone. You, therefore, need to ensure that you have implemented top-notch security measures to ensure that your website’s data will not be accessible even to the best hackers. An excellent way to achieve this is to ensure you keep changing your passwords and algorithms according to the current trends.

5 Wearable Tech and Fitness Gadgets That will Awe You

As technology advances, it becomes smaller and smarter. 2016 had been a great year in terms of tech gadgets and there had been a lot of hype surrounding tech gadgets such as VR, Fitbit and the Apple Watch 2. In fact, the wearable tech market is expected to reach a whopping $51.60 billion in the U.S. by 2022, according to MarketsandMarkets.

New products are being introduced in the market quite often and the older ones are being improved continuously to meet the changing consumer requirements. If you are a gadget freak and a fitness buff, then you need to grab one of these tech and fitness gadgets. But with so many options, it might become difficult to separate the good from the not-so-good.

Here we discuss about five top tech and fitness gadgets that will awe you for sure:

  1. Activite Steel HR by Withings

If you are looking for something smarter than your standard smartwatch, then you need to check out the Activité Steel HR edition brought to you by Withings. This is a high-end fitness gadget that tracks steps, running, swimming, and sleep and everything is done automatically. It features a stylish design with an analog activity dial. The gadget can be very easily synchronized with your iOS or Android smartphone.

Activite Steel HR

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There are two versions of this wearable gadget available in the US and UK market. The latest version also includes an optical heart rate monitor, which makes the gadget a better, more useful day-to-day fitness tracker. The Activite Steel HR is the perfect fitness gadget for people looking for an elegant and sophisticated wearable that does not at all look like a smart watch.

  1. Tune Smart Running Shoes

Introduced by Kinematix, Tune takes consumer-level run tracking to the next level. The tracker builds a running profile for the consumer and upgrades it with each run, thus allowing the consumer to evaluate their performance. Tune closely monitors the individual performance of both feet allowing you to detect the asymmetries of the left and right feet in real time. Thus, you get a better insight as to how to run more efficiently, improve performance and ensure better balance and lesser injuries. Tune is also capable of pulling data from the GPS on your smartwatch/ smartphone to provide you with all the necessary running metrics such as pace, speed, distance, etc.

Tune Smart Running Shoes

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  1. Octopus Icon-Based Watch for Kids

Octopus is a colorful watch for kids that looks much like the Apple Smartwatch. It was designed to help children become self-disciplined and independent. Parents can use their iOS or Android phones to schedule reminders on the Octopus watches. When you schedule a specific task it pops up as a notification (in form of an icon) on the Octopus watch. So you can tell your kids its dinner time without having to nag constantly. The gadget is specifically designed for kids aged between three and eight and feature over 600 icons. In order to encourage your child to follow the instructions, you can turn on the gamification feature that offers virtual rewards such as special badges based on their progress.

Octopus Icon-Based Watch for Kids

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  1. Smith’s Lowdown Focus Mpowered by Muse

Did you ever think you could measure your brain waves in real time? Smith’s Lowdown Focus Mpowered by Muse or simply Lowdown Focus, a pair of smart glasses has made it possible. It uses brain-sensing technology from Muse to help you get your brain’s attention on demand. Even though they are smart glasses they look like your normal sunglasses.

You can see the data on an app and try out various meditation practices to calm down your mind and improve focus. The modern age is full of distractions and we get influenced by them so easily that we lose focus on important tasks. Using the Lowdown Focus you can train your mind and improve your focus and achieve your goals quickly and easily.

Mpowered by Muse

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  1. Skulpt Chisel

The Skulpt Chisel will give you the ultimate insight into how your body is performing. Most people workout in the gym with an aim to reduce body fat and improve muscle strength. But the traditional body fat scales do not provide you with the accurate results so you fail to understand how your body is reacting to the exercises and activities you are engaging in.

The Skulpt Chisel offers you with near accurate fat loss and muscle composition results. The gadget makes use of small electrical pulses to measure the density of both your body fat and your muscle quality. So if you are a serious fitness freak, you can’t do without a Skulpt Chisel.

Skulpt Chisel

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Innovation around wearable gadgets has exploded in the recent years. With the modern day tech and fitness gadgets you can stay in control of your health and life. You can also encourage your friends and family members to leverage the various gadgets and make life happier. We have listed some of the most happening gadgets for fitness freaks. Do you want to add some more?