4 Tips for Starting Business Abroad

Starting off on a path towards business success is all about having a great idea. Once you put your idea to test it might not perform as great, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that the idea is bad – only that the market isn’t right at the moment. This means that you have three options. The first one is to modify your idea a bit and try to reach another target demographic with it. The second choice is to wait until the situation in this market gets better, which is probably the worst of all of these ideas, seeing how this “right time” you are waiting for might never come. Your third option is to consider starting a business abroad and here are four things you need to know about it.

1.      Seek legal advice

The first thing you need to keep in mind is that all your knowledge of local business regulations isn’t necessarily going to help you abroad. Because of this, you may want to ask for a local legal advice. Furthermore, some countries are offering incentives in order to attract foreign investors, which might be worth your while. Nonetheless, even though no one is disputing your ability to conduct a proper independent research, you need to be careful of the fine print. This is why it might be for the best to hire a local legal agency to represent you.

2.      Don’t make assumptions

One of the most common mistakes that a lot of inexperienced business owners make is assuming that the foreign market is one homogenous environment. However, this attitude is as wrong as it gets. Some larger countries span whole continents, which means that different regions may have a completely different cultures or demographics and therefore a different market. For example, if you plan on starting a business in the U.S. you need to think carefully whether to do so in Los Angeles, New York or even Hawaii. For this, however, you better consult your local destination management agency that specializes in the USA.

3.      Learning the local culture

Regardless of what some people may think, the money you bring to one’s country isn’t the only thing that matters to the local businessmen. By acting disrespectfully towards their country or culture, you can drive away potential partners or local investors. This is why you need to learn a thing or two about the regional etiquette. For example, in China, you are accepted to bring a gift to a business meeting, but it is also customary for its recipient to refuse it up to three times before accepting. It is quite easy to understand how this can cause a misunderstanding or even a frustration in someone coming from the Western Hemisphere.

4.      Risk is a double edged sword

Finally, countries that are the most desperate for local investment are usually those with low political stability. This, however, can be both a good and bad thing. First of all, most of your competitors will probably avoid it, which means that you will have quite the advantage in the local market. On the other hand, countries with low political stability tend to have a bit higher corruption rate, which can make running a business much more difficult. Aside from this, in some parts of the world, there is always a present risk of a war breaking out or political turmoil which could potentially halt your business for an undefined period of time. He who dares wins, but sometimes the risk will simply be too great.


By taking a closer look at these four factors you will be well on your way to determine if starting a business abroad is the right choice for you. Sure, you could profit greatly from such a move, but keep in mind that even with all the best wishes you might not be able to afford such a thing. Hiring a legal team, a DMC, investing in the research of a foreign market and working with an unstable local government might end up being more than you bargained for. In any way, this choice is yours to make.

How Teamwork Facilitates Success of a Business Organization

Workers are the glue that holds operations together. They support the company’s mission and handle the lion’s share of the workflow. Of course, if they act as mere individuals, the full potential of productivity cannot be unlocked. While team players always add value to the business, people who are used to whistling alone are of little use when you want to play a symphony of success.

By the power of the team

The importance of teamwork cannot be stressed enough. It is true that each individual brings a unique set of skills, strengths and talents to the table. However, when there’s an absence of teamwork, these assets remain underutilized. The company as a whole does not benefit from them enough and the effect on the overall effectiveness is meager.

Thus, all team members must recognize organizational objectives of a business organization. Long-term and short-term strategies serve as guiding lights whenever they stumble in the dark. That way, everyone is working towards common goals, despite different daily tasks and responsibilities. The company becomes more agile and flexible, which pays dividends in the today’s business world.

Hurdles on the road

Namely, teamwork has a strong impact on the overall productivity, morale of the workforce, and quality of the products and services. Employees are able to keep the nose to the grindstone, work without distractions and meet deadlines. Their productivity is maximized and they do not hesitate to walk an extra mile.

On the other hand, hiccups in human interactions as well as conflicts inhibit daily projects and associated effectiveness across all departments. People step on each other’s toes and ruin the good atmosphere. The resources cannot be allocated effectively, the energy is wasted and managers struggle to streamline tasks and processes.

Tools of the trade

Company culture is what binds people together and it must be actively nurtured and promoted. Business leadership has a key role to play. The best managers and CEOs lead by example, set clear expectations and delegate tasks. It is up to them to inspire loyalty and make everyone feel like an integral part of the company success.

Other elements that foster good teamwork are clear company goals and clarity of vision. Group incentives and means of communication are great tools as well. And if a business does not possess internal capacities, it should seek the assistance of companies like Corporate Impact. They provide corporate communication coaching, workshops, trainings, group curses and handy content.

Open doors to success

Bear in mind that teamwork also involves a greater responsibility for everyone. It only makes sense for those closest to the work process to have a high degree of control. More authority and ownership over everyday projects bring forth more satisfaction and higher retention rates. Ultimately, freedom and openness are defining characteristics of a swell work environment.

Workers should feel free to bounce ideas off each other and draw on their strengths. They can do so only in an environment that is supportive and allows them to grow and express themselves. The benefits that can be reaped are many and opulent: Teamwork tends to produce innovation, boost morale and lead to financial savings. It induces a sense of belonging, purpose and meaning. Sadly, these things are in short supply in the dog-eat-dog corporate realm.

Team play wins the day

Business leaders, killer strategies and fat budgets can fall short without proper teamwork, the driving force behind business excellence. It divides the tasks and multiplies the productivity. People thrive when they are motivated, engaged, and encouraged and there is no obstacle big enough to stand in the way of strong team dynamics. So, ensure that everyone is on the same page and pulling the weight. Rally the troops around the banner of pristine values, sound practices and stellar business culture.

Learn Everything About What WooCommerce + WordPress

Woocommerce is a plunging that you may use on WordPress to sell your products. There are many stores that will benefit from using this simple software, and you will find it quite simple to ensure that you have your site has been set up using the program, and you will notice you may sell anything you like once you have chosen this program. The program is easy to use, and it will be far simpler for you to use than anything you have seen in the past. This article explains how you may use Woocommerce to your advantage when you have a WordPress site.

#1: Why Use Woocommerce?

Woocommerce is a plugin you may use with your WordPress hosting account, and you may put it to work when you have products to sell. There are many people who will find the site easy to use as they may list their items on the site at any time. It is quite simple to manage the catalog of product you have, and you will find that each new product you wish to list will be priced and posted online in seconds. You will save yourself time, and you will find it much easier to control how you are posting each item.

#2: Using Woocommerce For Online Traffic

You may use Woocommerce for online traffic but creating products and descriptions that you may post online. the description of each product will be used by search engines to find your site, and someone who is searching for a similar product will see your site turn up on their search results.

You may add a description for every product in Woocommerce, and you may update your product descriptions any time you like. it is simple to use the pages to update your information, and you will find that you may create descriptions that will be filled with keywords. You will see your word count in the Woocommerce platform, and you will choose the keywords that you believe are most beneficial.

#3: Why Must You Sell Online?

Everyone is selling online in the modern economy, and you are behind the times if you do not have an ecommerce site. You must have a place where your customers may purchase your items, have them shipped and not need your assistance. You are creating a place that will remain open regardless of where you are, and you will have orders waiting for you every day because your ecommerce site was built to run at all hours.

#4: Why Woocommerce?

You must have control over your ecommerce, but you cannot be in control if you are using a complex program. Woocommerce has been pared down to ensure that you may use it easily, and you will find that you may easily learn how to use the page. You may teach everyone on your staff to use Woocommerce, and it will easily fit into he setup you have for WordPress.

#5: Building A More Beautiful Online Store

You must use Woocommerce to build a better online store that looks much better than anything you could have built on your own. You will add any colors and artwork you like to your site, and you may create a place that looks as though it came from your company. There are many companies that will rely on Woocommerce because they have no other way of ensuring that their customers are buying. The customers that are coming to a more beautiful site will be more likely to buy, and they will recommend the site to their friends because it is so lovely.

#6: Accepting Payments

Accepting payments from your customers is simple when you are using this platform, and you will notice how simple it is to link to a number of payment options. You will enter all the information for your company, and the company will receive payments through Woocommerce without any problem. You may accept a number of payment types, and all will go through the payment system that you have set up. you may use everything from PayPal to the latest financial service, and you will see your payments come in without any problem.

#7: Pictures And Galleries

Woocommerce will help you add pictures and galleries for your items, and you may offer a better description of each item that your customers may peruse without any problem. The customers who have questions about how your products look will scroll through the gallery to see all the pictures you have added, and they will have a clear picture of what you are selling. You deserve to save time on pictures and galleries, and you may enter them quickly using Woocommerce. The plugin takes care of all pictures, galleries and videos you wish to add, and you will find it much easier to use the program because it was made for those who do not have much technical experience.

#8: Secure Service

You will sell your products over a secure server when you are using Woocommerce, and you will notice that all their pages have the https prefix you have been looking for. Your customers will feel safer because you gave them this Woocommerce experience, and they will come back to your site because they know that their information has been protected. Each step of the process is quite simple to manage, and you may continue to use the plugin for as long as you like.

There are quite a few people who wish to begin selling on their website, and you must have a plugin that will help you create an online store. The online store you build with Woocommerce will help you save money, and you will have your items listed at all times for your customers. They will shop with you with complete freedom, and they may order at their leisure. It is much easier to use Woocommerce because it was made for all users. You need not have any technical expertise, and you will quickly have your online store open.

8 Gadgets That Will Make Life Comfortable and Convenient for All in 2017

In 2017, gadgets are only going to get sharper, smartphones smarter, and multimedia tech innovations, all set, to take the world by storm and change the way we work, live, eat, and play.

Expect a baby monitor that soothes a crying baby, and teaches them a foreign language, an alarm clock that shrieks if you dare to press the snooze button and lay down again, and a ring that tracks your calories, sleep, fitness levels, and heart rate.

Take a look at these amazing technological innovations that are coming your way in 2017 before anyone else.

  1. Wearable Sensors to Detect Your Alcohol Level in the Body

 There have been constant efforts to use technology to curb and prevent DUI accidents. 2017 witnesses a major leap in this direction. Companies that are into wearable sensors have come up with a wristband that can detect the various chemicals in the body on the basis of perspiration of the skin. This particular wristband can assess your blood alcohol content and send the information to the connected app where you can see your blood alcohol level and accordingly determine if you should indulge in the next round of drinks.

  1. Credit Card-Sized Computer

 The internet of things is a concept that is rapidly evolving and getting more and more integrated into our daily lives. We are on the brink of a time when we are about to own robots, and have internet connected home devices. Intel has come up with a solution that will make this upgrade smoother for us. The company has designed a credit card-sized computer or better known as the compute card, which is basically a mini-computer that can be easily inserted into smart devices. This mini computer will  make upgrading gadgets like smart refrigerators, connected security cameras and other smart appliances as simple as just swapping up a component. The computer comprises of all the same things as a standard computer like a processor, memory, storage and wireless tech.

  1. Online Shopping with Augmented Reality

 Augmented reality infused online shopping simply implies that you will be able to see the product come up alive in front of you in full 360-degree detail. The company pioneering this concept is Aryzon. As Aryzon describes, “The augmented experience can include new types of information, reveal product ergonomics, and allow users  to see the scale and size of any product for sale.” Aryzon has elaborate plans to kickstart a project that will make augmented reality shopping experience available to all online shoppers. Get ready to brace in some fantastic and real-time online shopping this year.

  1. Smart Baby Monitors

 In 2017, Mattel will launch a baby monitor that will be a smart monitor and Amazon echo fitted into one. This baby monitor will comes with a smart-voice activated speaker and a companion camera. It is made in a way where it can perform tasks like soothing a crying baby, buying diapers, encouraging kids to maintain discipline, and even help them learn a foreign language. This gadget was showcased  in the annual CES expo, and will soon enter the mainstream market. What more can you ask for new parents?

  1. Fitness Tracking Ring

 Wearable sensors were very big last year and are only set to get bigger this year. Here comes a fitness tracking ring that comes integrated with every aspect of fitness you can think of. The titanium-encased device tracks sleep patterns and hours, fitness levels and activities alike. So you will have a comprehensive understanding of the number of steps you are taking, the calories you have burned, and the distance you have covered walking or jogging. It also comes equipped with an optical heart sensor, thus covering all aspects of the health. You will definitely be more motivated to achieve your health goals with this super cool fitness tracking ring.

  1. Tech Innovations in the Fast Food Sector

 We have been hearing of digitization and automation in the food sector for quite some time now. Looks like 2017 will be the year it all starts happening. Self-serving kiosks will gradually punctuate the food market along with automated drone delivery. Now we are not saying it is going to be everywhere this year, but definitely these technologies will begin to be tested in 2017 widely and probably in mainstream use by the end of the year.

  1. The Self-Warming Bed

Technology is at your command this year to make you as comfortable as possible. A high-tech bed is all set to rid you of frosty toes and numbing in those impossibly cold days. Sleep Number has designed a bed that warms the foot of your bed as you fall asleep, so that you can have a warm comfortable sleep.This smart mattress will ensure you have the most comfortable sleep. The bed is configured to read biometric cues to understand if the person sleeping on the bed is snoring. If that is the case, the dual-sided adjustable bed is designed to raise the snorer’s head just enough to drown away or reduce the sound of the snore. The complains of a snoring partner are sure to reduce substantially.

The software of the bed is such that the position of the mattress changes according to your sleeping position. So if you turn to one side in your sleep, the self adjusting mattress will deflate the mattress slightly to ensure you are in a comfortable and healthy posture.

  1. 3D Printers

Wondering why this makes it to the list, considering 3D printers have been around forever. With continuous technological advancements, 3D printers will be available at a much more affordable price this year, at only around $200-300. The prices are only expected to drop through the year. Get ready to print a concept the same day , it is designed and bid goodbye to days and months of developing a model. It is sure to make process faster, boost creativity and help stay at the top of things.

To Conclude,

 While this was our list of some super cool gadgets that will change the way we experience life in many aspects in 2017. But, we can guarantee you that this is only the tip of the iceberg. Browse up and do a little bit of research to find out more about the awe-inspiring gadgets 2017 will welcome which will transform our lives in innumerable ways.

5 Tips to build the right Cyber Security profile for your business

There’s a misconception happening in the world of business that is centered on the idea that only the largest companies and businesses are predisposed to harmful cyberattacks. But the truth is, small start-ups are in fact the most vulnerable. They often serve as key entry points to larger corporations, and sadly they usually notice that something is wrong when it’s too late. Studies have shown that 71% of all cyberattacks happen in companies with less than 10 employees.

It can be challenging to stay protected and keep up with such “deadly” threats. Nonetheless, it’s not something impossible to achieve. The following tips should help you improve security, thus focus on boosting productivity and not constantly worry that someone will someday come and steal your most valuable data.

Have an employee internet policy in place

Start by crafting an internet policy for your employees. Cover different aspects of cybersecurity and teach your people everything there is to know on using the email company correctly. Settle on strict social media accounting rules, too. Failing to educate employees on the hazardous effects of improper internet browsing might trigger vulnerable breaches. As far as cybersecurity is concerned, too much caution just doesn’t exist.

Systems upkeeps should become your number 1 priority

Rather than replace your systems due to a cyberattack, it’s best to keep all your systems updated. Perform regular system checks and make sure all your computers are up-to-date. Monthly routine maintenance, scans, and software updates are highly recommended on all smart devices, not just laptops and computers. Patch and discover gaps and vulnerabilities before they turn into unfixable cyber threats.

Secure both your networks and your applications

It might be a good idea to monitor your network’s traffic continuously, and look for anomalies such as unauthorized file transfers or suspicious IP addresses. As soon as your department’s IT admin identifies the errors, you can easily block these and prevent them from accessing your network ever again.

Make sure to secure all of your online platforms. Set up WAFs (web application firewalls) to HTTP conversations. This way. IT administrators can easily identify and also block potential online attacks, like SQL injections and cross-site scripting.

System backup

One of the most common types of security threats remains “ransomware”. Basically, it is a concept where a hacker steals your computer files, encrypts them and then keeps them until you agree to pay some sort of ransom to get them back. Back in 2015, the FBI released a very important warning, announcing businesses and companies that even if you choose to pay the ransom, you may still not get all your files back. Ransomware is a preferred weapon by cyber-criminals, meaning that it’s fundamental to back up all your systems someplace safe, preferably on hard drives.

Cybersecurity Response Plan

In case your business falls the victim of a cyberattack, you need a response plan, and you need to do it fast. Otherwise, irreparable damage can be done to your productivity and business mantra. In real life, a well-crafted cybersecurity response plan is made up of 8 key stages:

  • Detection
  • Analysis
  • Identification
  • Notification
  • Eradication
  • Containment
  • Recovery
  • Post-incident recovery

Keep in mind that a plan meant to detail all of these stages can do a lot of good to your business, as it can stop an attack, restore business processes and data, notify harmed parties, and even adjust and improve your system so that nothing like this happens ever again. As threats become more and more advanced, cybersecurity issues and breaches within your company may go mainstream.

But there’s no reason to despair. Provided that you take precaution measures well in advance, you have the highest chances of building the right cyber security profile for your business. In case you need any assistance, you are advised to contact a competent digital web agency. There’s no shame in asking for help, especially when it comes to doing everything that you can to keep your online business safe and sound. Rather than take a risk and think “this won’t happen to me”, it’s best to be on the safe side and protect your assets as much as possible.






Changing Trend of SEO in 2017

As 2017, is begin and the time to examine the digital marketing landscape in future. SEO is transforming at lighting speed. In last few months various development in SEO has been taking place. Numerous advanced trends of 2016 will continue and developing in 2017. Google algorithm updates continuously.

There are few thing look out for the ensuing month:

Optimization for User Intent

Optimization for User Intent

Keywords are important, by typing simple words you can produce the simple results. Now user understands exactly what are they looking for, Search engines are now very smart and advance in identifying the user objective. Although user now submit full phrases and queries in search engines, and they collect information and heuristics to deliver results more effectively.

In 2017, the brand will require placing value on optimizing their digital content based on objective apart from particular keywords.

  • Investigate: – what user mostly search that brings them to your page
  • Optimize: – when you collect the researched data and search location that require working, changes required to increase the rating. Based on research tell the users story by transforming content to reflect the user’s experience.
  • Adjust: – continue with analytics to see what’s working and what’s not so you can update accordingly.

Cross Channel Marketing

Cross Channel Marketing

Cross –channel and multi-channel marketing seem like similar but in reality, they are different. Cross-channel means the way you are using various channels to market your brand in an interracial way while multi-channel simply means starting the presence of your brand on more than one platform. The main objective of cross-channel marketing is to develop a reliable brand presence across the various channels so the user can move smoothly between the platform and devices to make a purchase. According to the study report, around 73% of respondent claimed that cross-channel had an important impact in boosting conversion rates but it is effective when you understand your target audience. During this process business face some big challenges like:

  • Searching the exact time to release it.
  • Using correct channel.
  • Understand the right message.

However there are various tools and resources is available to assist, with the extensive use of mobile devices cross-channel marketing is still in the initial stage. Now the user are more concerned and connected than ever and required for quality cross-channels marketing which directly presents that it will be high demand till the end of 2017

Rich Answer and Snippets

Rich Answer and Snippets

For any answer, we all are turn to Google and in response to our queries, Google will provide us the necessary relevant information directly in search result with various other helpful website, movies, video, event and reviews of visitors and much other information about the relevant topic. “Schema markup” (also termed as Structured Data Markup) it helps the website owner to improved listing on SERPs (Search Engine Rating Pages). It assists the search engine to understand the website content which helps them in representing the information in a proper way that is helpful for users. By adding Schema Markup to your website you can boost the opportunity of having an increased SERP listing, being featured in rich answer or having a knowledge panel appear.

Voice Search

Voice Search

In last few years, voice search is ongoing projects in the industry, it is the rapidly increasing search option. The appeal is indubitable and it is fast, futuristic and importantly hands-free. With the growing technologies, the error rate of voice search is plunged.

The objective of voice search 2017 is moving forward and voice recognition transfer into voice understanding it includes various changes like location based content, personalized information, previous searches, keywords research based on spoken queries. Although voice search is the biggest trend and with the outstanding improvement to Google Now, SEO marketers, Siri and Cortana would be wise to closely examine voice innovation.

Intensify Mobile Growth

Mobile search is rapidly growing and it gives the new shape to SEO in last few years. The traffic distribution is now shifted from desktop to mobile devices. According to report google stat that mobile searches had surpassed desktop searches on search engines and they also announced that it has started experiments to make its index mobile first and it will prove to be necessary for all until the end of 2017.

2017 will be the big year for SEO marketer to factor these new trends into bigger picture to prepare to take on upcoming trends and experiments.

Moto G5 Plus: Price, Features and Specifications

With a hoard of smart phones being launched every year, it is very common to feel as if you are making use of technology that has already been outdated. This is all the more common if you are using mobile from top brands like Apple, Samsung, Oneplus, and more which always come up with their bumper models on yearly basis. This is however not true for all mobile brands. As a lot of them have infrequent launches. One of such mobile companies is Motorola. After being dead for long, the company recently had its resurgence, after being taken over by Lenovo; and has just launched the Moto G5 plus. The launch of the device comes after the Moto G series became a success, and was able to help the company gain its lost sheen. Given below are the key details about the device.

Price – The starting price of Moto G5 Plus is Rs 14,999, this is for the model which has 3 GB RAM and 16 GB internal storage. The other model, with 4 GB RAM and 32 GB internal storage is priced at Rs 16, 999. The difference between both the models is only of the RAM and storage, all other specifications remain same ranging from screen size to battery life, and the different colors that are available. Thus which ever model of the device you choose to opt for, keep in mind, you will paying the extra price only for the greater storage and RAM. And no other additional feature.

Features – Since Moto G5 Plus is one of the latest mobile launches, you will be able to access this on Android 7.1. The device now has a metal body and an aluminum finish, along with a screen size of 5.2 inches and full HD screen. If you have the experience of using Moto Z Play, you will realize the similarities between devices, except for the finger print sensor Moto G5 plus has at the bottom of the screen, on the front. The appearance of this one is a lot sturdier than all of its predecessors. This is thus one of the very handsome looking mobiles, with a screen size that is ideal for the perfect grip, allowing for one hand operations as well.

Specifications – The main attraction of a mobile is always the key specifications it provides the users with. Moto G5 Plus is certainly a mobile that is worth the money you pay for it. It not only has an impressive screen size and an attractive body, but also a long lasting battery life. The device is paired with 300 mAh non removable battery that allows for turbo charging. One of the problems here is that there are chances of the device beginning to heat up which is one of the factors that cause disappointment.

The pixel density of Moto G5 Plus is impressive, with a full HD screen resolution, it provides 424 PPI. In addition to this, it has been paired with a corning gorilla glass 3, which protects the device from multiple damages. The camera you get to use is also equally good. With a 12 MP rear camera, and 5 MP front cameras, you can get clear pictures, anytime, anywhere, thus providing you with all the necessary features in an affordable range.

Verdict – Although Moto G5 plus can provide you with all those features you would want to have access to, in your mobile, it does not really offer you something very amazing. The device is a fairly well performing, but does not offer something truly mind blowing. Which is also justified keeping in mind the affordable range it has been priced at. Both the variants of the device have scope for extending the storage capacity up to 128 GB, using external SD card. However, since the lower model has lesser RAM, you are advised to not expand it to the maximum possible limit. In the higher model you can opt for complete expansion.

In spite of all that you are offered in this device, it won’t be wrong to say that you can get access to better devices in this range which will not only offer you a bigger screen, and probably a better camera, but also a more powerful battery life.

Want to Boost User Engagement for Your App? These 5 Incredible Ways Can Help You

Undeniably, the mobile industry is growing rapidly and the applications are the way to go. Well, it’s never been easy to develop an application that stands out and engaged user base. With so many applications on the web, it is imperative for you to make your application unique and exceptional.

When it comes to user engagement, it means different things for different businesses like if you are planning to promote an eCommerce application, you will possibly want your users to be daily visitors of your app while a social media app requires users to be active constantly.

No matter what are your engagement goals, there are different ways any startup can improve user engagement for their applications and decrease retention rate. However, many of you may don’t know what is the exact meaning app engagement and app retention, so let’s know what is the exact meaning of these terms.

Engagement – User engagement describes you how active users are on your application. It is a related metric that can be used to measure the success of an app. As per the Localytics, highly engaged users as those, who have 10+ sessions per month.

Retention – App retention is the percentage of an application’s users, who return to the application within 3 months of their first session.

When these two combined, the average fixes an application’s tackiness like how involved and loyal users are for any application. All those, who are anxious with user conversion or monetization, the main objective is to keep users engaged and make sure repeat usage.

Here are Five Incredible Ways to Boost User Engagement for Your App

Make Sure to Deliver a Wonderful Onboarding

Do you know that delivering a wonderful onboarding experience can decrease abandonment rates? Yes, if you are providing a seamless onboarding to your users, it can help you immensely to decrease abandonment rates.

If your application is extremely difficult to use like numerous steps to sign-up, huge information fields, confusing features and difficult functions, the more number of users will abandon your app.

A first-time user experience plays a very vital role. Moreover, an effective onboarding has proved to boost user lifetime value by up to 500% along with decreasing abandon rate of the app. Below are the steps through which you can develop an interactive app onboarding process:

  • Ensure that you develop logins and account creation simple
  • You should not surplus users with information. Rather than huge information, you can provide features and functionality education to them as it will be helpful for them to access your app.

Build a Strong Community on Social Media

To boost user engagement of your app, you can build community on social media as it enables you to engage users without app experience so that you can fetch them information about the new updates, promotions, offers, and challenges.

A user will surely share his/her feedback about your application on the social media platform that helps other users to know about your application. If your application is getting good reviews, it will lead to a positive word-of-mouth promotion, leading to higher app downloads.

If you are capable of passing users back and forth between an application in social media channel, it will be a lot simpler for you to keep them engaged with your application and recall them.

For instance, Uber, a ride-sharing application, has been available on Facebook and allowing users to share to share their experience. It attracts new users to use this application and enjoy their rise. Therefore, a community on social media can lead to increased number of users, resulting in more revenue.

Keep Introducing Features and Improvements in Your App

If you want to keep your users engage with your application for a long time, it is essential for you to keep introducing features and improvements about your app. As you know users do not observe when your product development slows down as they log-in to use your product, not to observe your development progress.

If this will go for a long time, they will surely uninstall your application when a competitor releases a new feature. So, your app users only do care about the features and improvements of your app. When you will introduce any new feature in your application, you can notice a 10x increase in communications from in-app messages.

For example, if you are introducing any new and unique feature in your application, users will surely get impressed and will start messaging each other about it. They can also take screenshots of it and share it on the social media. Such steps can make a huge impact on your application and result in increasing user engagement.

Push Notifications Work Like Cherry on Cake

If applications are not making any noise for a long period, the chances are very high that they can forget by your users and ultimately uninstall it. It doesn’t mean that you should keep disturbing your users, it only means that you should go with push notifications as notifications have proved to boost user retention and user engagement rate.

The application that sends notification on regular basis to users, it can boost user retention from a 56% to 180%. In addition to this, users who have chosen to get notifications, exhibit 88% higher app engagement compared to those who have not.

By implementing accurately, it can help you to boost usage through targeting messages based on behavioral data and preferences. In case, if your app is very specific about functions and not driving daily usage, push notification can help engage users by giving them a compelling reason to make a comeback.

Talk with Users and Listen to Their Problems to Develop a Great Product

You know that your users will surely love it when you will talk with them and listen to their problems, relating to your application. It is the most important thing – you need to talk with your app users and listen carefully what they are facing so that you can develop a great product for your business. By listening and solving their problems, you can deliver your users what they are looking for. It will help you augment the engagement rate of your app.


So, above we discussed the five incredible ways to boost user engagement of your application that will also result in various other benefits as well to your business. It’s quite difficult to keep your application focused on the users, but not impossible if you want your users to keep using your app.

No matter whether you have your application on iPhone or Android platform, if you want to customize it with more features and improvements, you can get in touch the trusted mobile application development company with expertise in iPhone and Android.

7 WordPress Development Tips for Developers

WordPress is perhaps the most useful and powerful content management system available on the global Internet. In today’s modern and digital age, this platform is extensively used by numerous people, who tend to build a solid online presence and prosper in online business.

There are several WordPress developers who are minting money and earning a great reputation by delivering the WordPress development projects on time with quality. But, WordPress development demands a lot of time, determination, energy and efforts from the side of developers. It’s not an easy work as considered by many WordPress developers. If you also want to make a big name in WordPress development and offload your work pressure, you need to use some of the best practices, used by leading developers. A few useful tips and suggestions are listed here below. Just scroll down and go through.

1. Use Child Themes and Plugins

There are many WordPress developers (especially newcomers) who consider themselves as the jackal of all trades in WordPress development soon after leaping into the field and they tend to modify their core theme files quite often. This is a serious mistake made by them as all of changes may go in vain after an upgrade.

In order to avoid this problem, you need to create the child version of your themes and Plugins. This helps you to keep your changes safe and you can easily upgrade whenever you want. The process of creating a child theme can be utilized to develop a child Plugin too.

  • Precaution

It’s true that WordPress offers several Plugins for use, but it doesn’t mean that you should use all of them. If you Install more Plugins on your site, they will make your site bulkier and slow. A slow website is not liked by search engines and users. Don’t overdose on your site (with Plugins) and use only those that serve your site’s purpose. In order to manage Plugins installed on your site, you can use Plugin organizer.

2. Updated with the Latest Trend

As a WordPress developer, you need to be aware of the latest developments taking place in the WordPress world. If you don’t know the latest trend in WordPress development, that could affect your development projects because of the lack of the knowledge.

To avoid this, you need to visit some of the WordPress development blogs regularly to keep yourself up-to-date for WordPress. Just read the blogs of other people, write your own blog and comment on other’s post actively. It will help you to gain a lot of knowledge from the successes and failure of others.

3. Make the Site’s Security Your First Priority

Online hackers and bully elements always try to hack your WordPress site (because of its immense popularity) and spoil your online reputation. You need to update your site from time-to-time and use the latest version of the WordPress. Take all possible steps that can improve your site’s security, including the use of security plugins.

4. Make sites fast with Caching

It is important for a developer to take all possible steps to increase the speed of WordPress websites. There are a number of hosting services that automatically offers WordPress caching. You can choose any of them as per your choice and budget.

All those who are running their site on a VPS server with root access, Google PageSpeed can be a right solution. You can also go for a free CDN/Firewall/Caching system, Cloudflare and caching Plugins to make your site load faster on all devices.

5. Use WordPress Development Tools

As WordPress is extensively used by a large number of people, developers have to endure tremendous pressure of WordPress development projects and come with the right solutions for their clients in a quick fashion.

In order to ensure both quality and quantity in your development assignments, you may use WordPress development tools that could help you to speed up your work in an easy way and relive your workload easily up to a great extent.

6. Learn WordPress Coding Standards

As WordPress has a number of products (such as themes, Plugins, templates, etc), there are many developers who find writing, editing and maintaining CSS, HTML, JavaScript and PHP codes- a troublesome task. If you want to gain the full command over WordPress development, sooner or later, you need to acquire at least basic knowledge of that.

Beginners may feel problem while coding, but they don’t need to get disappointed. Take the help of an experienced WordPress developer in case you face troubles to write codes. For a developer, it is important to remove unnecessary code from sites. If you do so, the important content on your site will move up on the page and pages will load quickly.

7. Learn WordPress APIs

WordPress developers need to learn numerous WordPress APIs necessarily. Don’t try to memorize all functions and features in APIs, but, learning it will help you know what WordPress provides to its users.

By this way, whenever you face a problem in WordPress development and you don’t know how to solve it, you easily come to know what facilities can help you to sort out the problem easily and quickly.

First 4 Steps in Branding Your Startup

No matter what you decide to do in life, it is always better to have contingencies in place than to try and wing it later. The latter usually requires much more effort, flexibility and resources, sometimes even compromising the very structure of your business or the model you intended to follow. You see, by giving your company a great start, you can ensure that future growth goes as smoothly and that is as organic as possible. With this in mind, here are first four steps that can guarantee your branding efforts are off to a great start.

1.      Research the market

First things first, you need to know exactly who you are dealing with. Sure, you may be able to imagine what your intended audience looks like, but then again you can never know for sure. The best example for this is the My Little Pony franchise. Although originally intended as a kids show, for some reason, it has developed a cult status amongst the adult male population. Still, this doesn’t mean that the show’s creators should change anything to appeal to this new audience, since there is always a risk that this could interfere with the chemistry that this particular demographic has developed with the show. All in all, these things are always good to know.

2.      Choose a good name

Next thing you need to worry about is choosing the right name for your business. You need something short, memorable and easy to both write and pronounce. Furthermore, you need to think about what it would look like on a business card, as well as to imagine a prospect of turning your brand name into a domain name. The problem, however, lies in the fact that today there are more small businesses than ever before. This means that the most obvious options will usually already be taken. One of the ways you can deal with this is by talking to a professional about company name ideas for your startup.

3.      Take a stand

Winston Churchill once said: “You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.” Although it is not in your interest to make enemies, by taking a stand you can also rally those who share your opinion. Look at it this way, as a relatively unknown brand you can’t lose an audience since you don’t have one. This is why, having some people agree and others disagree with you seems like a good outcome. Furthermore, by sharing opinions on matters of global or niche importance, you are taking first steps towards establishing your corporate identity.

4.      Visual presence matters

Finally, you need to keep in mind that humans are beings that respond best to visual stimuli. As we already discussed, the way your company name looks on a business card is an important thing, but the same goes for your company’s logo and its colors. Try to envision every scenario where these two will appear together such as: your website, a banner in front of your headquarters and most of your promotional material. Once you take all of them into consideration it will be safe for you to pass a final verdict of sticking to it or going with something else.


Finally, keep in mind that the above mentioned four are completely universal. This means that these tips improve the standings of your brand regardless of its industry. The better you know your target demographics, the easier it will be to predict any market fluctuations. Needless to say, handling this like a champ the first time around sets you head and shoulders ahead of your competition.

Top 10 WordPress Plugins You Should Have

WordPress is very crucial platform nowadays for developing a web application development. There are such fantastic services and supportive tools included in the platform known as Plugins. Such plugins are useful to shape your website smoother and attractive in look. The WordPress supports plugin to its framework for making your website extraordinary and easy loading on the internet. There are pre-written plugins available for the developer to be used without any effort for developing a marvelous web application. Here are the top 10 WordPress plugins in detail.

1. Jetpack Free

A powerful plugin from the brilliant team behind the WordPress software itself (Automatic), Jetpack is a must have plugin for every WordPress website. As the name suggests, it offers a pack of awesome features for your website to fly up high and make it a success.

Jetpack takes care of your site security, website performance, traffic growth, image optimization, website appearance and a lot more.

It features enhanced distribution which automatically shares your published content to third party services like search engines and helps to increase your reach and traffic. Additionally, it creates sitemaps so that search engines can easily index your site.
Most of all, it protects your website security by preventing brute force attacks. It also monitors your site every five minutes for downtime and instantly notifies you for any issues found.

2. Akismat

Akismet is yet another plugin developed by the people behind WordPress. It is one of the default plugins of WordPress that comes with every new WordPress core installation. It is basically an anti-spam plugin which checks all comments and filters out the spammy comments.
The plugin provides a status history for each comment so that you can learn which comments were found spammy by Akismet or the moderator. Moderators also can view the number of approved comments for each user, see the URLs in the comment body and remove the suspicious links.
The plugin is free for the personal site and blogs while you have to subscribe its monthly plans for commercial sites. The premium plans provide advanced security solution besides spam protection.
It is a useful plugin to protect your WP security.

3. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO (formerly known as WordPress SEO by Yoast) is one of the most popular WordPress plugins. It allows you to optimize your WordPress site for search engines.

Yoast SEO is an awesome plugin which guides you all the way to create better content and improve your ranking on search results. It focuses on creating the content which is useful to the users as well as technically SEO friendly. The goal is to help the users, gain trust and sustain the rankings which they call sustainable SEO. It not only helps you add meta tags, it optimizes your site as a whole.

4. WP Optimize Free

WP-Optimize is a great tool for cleaning up WordPress database and optimizing WordPress. It automatically removes the unnecessary data from the WordPress without manual queries. The plugin always keeps your database optimized for the best performance.
There may be a lot of useless data in your website which weighs down your site while you may not be even aware of it. With the plugin installed, you have lots of work done automatically. It removes all the spammy and un-approved comments, trash posts, and comments, trackbacks, and pingbacks etc. It will keep your database always clean and optimized.

5. BJ Lazy load Free

If you have a lot of images used in your site, it may take hours to load. That is annoying to users which often results in higher bounce rates. However, there is a solution to every problem and mostly in WordPress. Lazy loading is the mantra to make your site load faster with lots of images in the page.
To add lazy loading functionality in WordPress site, you can use a plugin like BJ Lazy Load. The plugin replaces all your post images, post thumbnails, gravatar images and content iframes with a placeholder and loads the content as it gets close to entering the browser screen. It displays the content (images) only when a user scrolls the page. Therefore, your site loads faster as well as saves bandwidth.
In addition, it works with text widgets, embedded videos from YouTube, Vimeo etc. It is a great plugin for website performance optimization and SEO.

6. Broken Link Checker Free

You might have a great website with a remarkable number of daily visitors and doing a good business too. But have you ever thought about how users will react if they landed on a broken page? You can make a guess – that’s how you lose the possible customer as well as create a worse impression about your site. That’s devastating – you hate broken links.
And, here is good news – a handy plugin will monitor your website for all the broken links. Just install the free plugin Broken Link Checker and take a nice nap because it will do the job automatically. The plugin checks all your posts, comments and other content for broken links and instantly notifies you if any are found. In addition, it reports on the missing images as well so that you fix them quickly.
Furthermore, the plugin has options to prevent search engines from following the broken links, display the broken links differently etc. You can get notifications either via email or WP dashboard.

7. Redirection Free

There are times when you have to change the permalinks of your posts/ pages but you forget to redirect them. That is when users will land on a not available page following the old URL which doesn’t exist anymore. And, it is another way you are making your visitors upset.
In such cases, Redirection is the right plugin to pick. It helps you to manage all the 301 redirections and keep track of 404 errors. The plugin automatically adds a 301 redirection when a post’s URL changes whereas you can also add 301, 302, and 307 redirections manually for a post. You can redirect all the URLs and also have full logs for all redirected URLs.
Redirection is mainly useful when you are migrating pages from an old website, or changing the directory of WP installation.

8. WP Rocket Paid


The beauty of WP Rocket is that you simply activate the plugin and it will instantly improve the page loading time of your website. Advanced options are still available for technical users who want to change the default settings.
Features include page caching, cache pre-loading, Gzip compression, browser caching, lazy loading of images, CDN support, import and export functionality, and more.
A license for WP Rocket retails at $39 per year for one website, $99 for three websites, and $199 for an unlimited number of websites.

9. Disable Comments

As the name suggests, Disable Comments is useful to globally disable comments on your entire site or certain post types. Considering that all the pages/ posts are not likely to accept user comments, the plugin provides an easy solution for disabling comments on post types, pages, and attachments. Besides, comments sometimes contain spam and unnecessary stuff.
In addition, the plugin provides an option to remove all the comment-related items from the Dashboard, widgets, Admin menu, and Admin Bar. It provides full-fledged features that you need to avoid comment spamming.

10. Social Icons Free

Undoubtedly, social media is the most populated platform in the recent years. The number of social media users is ever increasing – more people obtain news and other information through social media. So, social media marketing is a vital part of content marketing these days. To boost your social media marketing, you can use a social media plugin like Social Icons.
Social Icons is a free WordPress plugin which provides you an easy way to display popular social icons on your website. You can add social media icons to the pages or posts via widgets or shortcodes. The plugin supports over 100 popular social media platforms. It is simple and easy to use. You can instantly install the plugin and add social media icons in beautiful layouts.
The plugin offers further customization options for the icons – resizing the icons, square or rounded or grayscale background icon layouts etc. It supports drag and drop icon sorting which makes your task much easier.


And they were best WordPress plugins that every website needs in my view. As stated above, these plugins provide the basic features, improve the site SEO, optimize speed, harden security and help to market your content and products in a better way.

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5 Ways to Make Your Customers Return

Some people believe that in order to succeed in business, all you need to do is get people to buy from you. Still, this kind of corporate agenda is quite shortsighted. With the right price, limited time offer, and quality marketing, you can easily make people purchase from you. The trick, however, is to make them come back. In other words, what you need to focus on is making repeat business, and here are five ideas that may come in handy.

1.      Make a Good First Impression

The most straightforward, but probably the most difficult way to make people buy from you is to do things right the first time around. Encourage all your salespeople to be as friendly and accommodating as possible, make the store itself customer friendly, and of course keep your prices low. Needless to say, even the best customer service won’t help you if your competitors are offering the same product for half the price. However, when it comes to small price margins it can make a difference. Furthermore, when talking about ecommerce website, make it simple, lag-free and integrate all payment gateways you can think of.

2.      Start a Loyalty Program

One of the ways to make repeat business is by starting a loyalty program. Imagine a scenario where for every $50 spent in your store or on your e-store, your clients gain a point that gives them a small discount. This alone may become an incentive enough to keep buying from you rather than from your competitors. In other words, it doesn’t matter even if the discount is not that great; just the thought of having these points go to waste should be enough to keep people coming back.

3.      Study Your Customers

Every industry has a different clientele, which is why it would be absurd to assume there is one universal recipe to make people come back. For example, experts behind Andzen, a marketing automation agency, use data to discover potential customers amongst those who are still not ready to buy. Through the array of different marketing solutions, these people usually get turned first into customers and later on into full-fledged brand advocates.

4.      Show Interest

A lot of retailers make a mistake of believing that their contact with the customer ends when they buy the product. This is as far from the truth as it gets. In order to show your customers you really do care about them, you need to become proactive. Ask them various questions about the product they purchased and about the customer service they received. In this way, you will also get some invaluable feedback, which will help you improve things in your own organization; A win-win scenario for both you and your customers.

5.      Be Personal

Finally, you may want to show your customers they are not just walking wallets to you, but actual human beings. One of the ways to do this is to ask them for personal information (while registering on your website) and then send them a nice email on their birthday. It might even be a good idea to send them a limited-time coupon as a birthday present. In this way you will approach them as individuals, not as a faceless demographic group.


While some of the tips are mostly concerned with the stages leading to the first sale, there are also tips that deal with what happens after. No matter their purpose, they are both equally important for repeat business to take place. All you need to do is show your customers that you are ready and willing to go that extra mile to give them what they want.