In previous article I have told how to configure a Primary Server from where the actual Video will be streamed and published. In this article I will explain how we can configure the Secondary server which will stream the videos to their clients.

Setup Secondary Streaming Server

1) Login to the Secondary Server and open VLC Player on it.

2) Go to Media >> Streaming

3) On Open Media window go to Network Tab and Enter the URL of the server with Port 8080 (Default port) and press Stream.

4) Stream Output Source >> Press Next

5) Destination: Select HTTP >> Add (again this server will start stream on port 8080 by default). Also Select the Trans-coding and press Next.

6) Others: You will see miscellaneous options which you can select as per your requirement. Press Stream to start Streaming.

Configuring VLC Client (End User)

1) Open VLC Player on local System

2) Go to Media >> Open Network Stream

3) Select HTTP Protocol From the Drop Down and insert the IP address and Port of Secondary Server. Press Play.

That’s it, your Live VLC Streaming Network is ready.