There are numerous potential reasons for File deletion or corruption, including human mistake, equipment/framework disappointment, catastrophic events, and infections, malware, and ransomware. While you can’t prevent these powers from wiping out your information, you can make it less demanding to get back up and running by making information recovery programming some portion of your catastrophe recovery plan.

Most of the domestic data recovery started from the hard drive maintenance, so technical strength is not good, often leads to a low recovery rate. If domestic data service providers want to catch up with foreign countries in this field, we will need a lot of money compared with the data recovery industry, the prosperity of the domestic, domestic data recovery acceleration of technological development is still relatively optimistic.

Some minor defects in hard disk, and a little repair and let the hard disk use normally again after the data recovery software; for those which in any case could not move the hard disk, the software is powerless, and we need to use the relatively high cost of combination of hardware and software recovery methods. Recovering a formatted hard drive is a more advanced issue, so we anticipated more varied results. Since formatting a drive wipes its file system and replaces it with another, recovery programs must locate the raw data in a drive. Usually, it requires applications to perform a deep scan.

We tested the recovery capabilities of each product by having it scan and recover files from a hard drive multiple times. Our testing methodology considered the two most common reasons for data loss: deletion and formatting. We filled our test hard drive with common types of files in a variety of formats: documents, images, audio and video files.

In recovering deleted data, nearly all the products we tested easily recovered most lost data, with only a few exceptions where we found some files were missing. Since this is a simple procedure, we expected most of the products to recover all the files or recover no less than 90 percent of the data. We found that this was the case, with only a few outliers that dipped as low as 70 percent. We found the software which is better for recovering certain file types more than others accurately which is free EaseUS Data Recovery software is intended to scour the drive and find any recoverable data, sorting it pull out and giving it in a salvageable configuration. Free EaseUS Data Recovery software can be utilized to restore documents of any sort or size, from pictures, music and recordings to reports and spreadsheets.

Free EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Recover data that has been erased either unintentionally or not from your hard drive or from any other storage drive, for example, USB memory sticks, advanced cameras, cell phones, SD cards, and so forth. The instrument bolsters NTFS and additionally FAT segments and recovers any sort of data including reports, photographs, messages, files, recordings, and so forth.

Ease us Data recovery wizard, first of all, it is very easy to use. The interface is comfortable for all levels of computer users and the recovery process is quite simple, novice person to expert person all can easily install it and operate it for free version of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard you can recover up to 2Gb of data, Also by sharing on social media sites like facebook, twitter and Google+ EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard free you can get 1.5 GB data more limit to recover.

How to use EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard free

  • Install EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard free from official site you need at least x86 CPU and follow the installation instruction.
  • First point the location where you want a recovery scan (Hard drive folder, Recycle bin, External storage etc)
  • Click on the scan button to start a scan, It will scan the location thoroughly for recovery data.
  • In last EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, free will previews the file and recovers it.

That’s how pretty easy to undelete files and folders from the emptied Trash with the recovery software.