The magnificence of the Hadoop technology in handling the big data

Hadoop technology & Big Data As the top line of the article proclaims regarding the concepts of ¬†Big data and the Hadoop. Big data as the name suggests, is a collection of big datasets, where it will not be able to processed using usual computing techniques. When we think of Hadoop, it is an open […]

Manage the Surge In Unstructured Data [Infographic]

Massive amounts of new digital information are flooding enterprise networks everyday. A powerful transformation is happening. People and machines are interacting with each other differently over networks. All information today is unstructured data. A massive surge in unstructured data creates tough challenges for IT. Businesses need more intelligent network infrastructure to support their Big Data […]

Webinar: Android Development, Big Data and Hadoop

Free Webinar for¬†Android Development, Big Data and Hadoop Android Development & Big Data are two concepts which are in high demand in the market right now but what they are, how can one start their career in these or how and from where to learn these technologies. To answer all your questions and give you […]