5 Digital Marketing Trends to Boost Your Business into the Stratosphere

Just because your business is small doesn’t mean it can’t be global. In fact, the beauty of business today is technology allows everyone around the world to work together no matter what he or she does. Some businesses run exclusively online because the internet continually fosters new ways for people to make money. Part of […]

Digital trends in 2017-2018: is SEO still the same?

A lot of things have changed in the world of SEO over the past couple of years. In fact, SEO is a digital marketing field where nothing will ever stay the same. Search engines change their algorithms monthly to provide the people with better, more qualitative experiences when accessing the web. In layman’s terms, SEO […]

Traditional and Digital Marketing Why Combining Them is Important

There’s no shortage of innovation in the marketing world. However, the market is constantly changing alongside customer expectations. Nowadays, it’s more difficult to land a sales pitch or to market a product than ever before. The main reason is that the market is constantly growing and the number of marketers increases as well. That’s why […]

Top tips to help attract travellers to book a hotel through brilliant online blog posts

Hotel companies are working in a highly competitive industry and to be successful they need to show customers what makes them special. When travelers head directly to a website it is wonderful for these firms as they get the full financial benefit from the room sale. When firms work with Online Travel Agencies or OTAs […]