How Did Apple Become Evil Corp: A Price Examination

Once in awhile, it’s good to think about the bigger questions in life. In this article, complete with help from , we will answer one that’s been on all of our minds. Many people have drawn comparisons between Apple and Evil Corp from the hit tech show Mr. Robot. The reasons are obvious.  The […]

[INFOGRAPHICS] Loss and Recovery of Data in iPhone

An infographic by the team at Secure Data Recovery Services Some of the major causes of data loss in iPhone include; Virus attack which attributes 5%. Breakage of the iPhone or due to water damage, which contributes to 20%. Theft or loss of the iPhone, attributing to 15%. Deleting the data accidentally, this is mainly […]

iPhone 6s Accessories that Make a Difference

The iPhone stopped being a regular smartphone years ago. Today it is a multi-tier work platform and a status symbol. And just like any other status symbol, it needs to be adorned in accordance with its reputation. With the arrival of the iPhone 6s model, the number of accessories seems to have grown in an […]

[Infographic] iOS 9: Complete Feature List

A few weeks ago, Apple released iOS 9 as a beta version for public, this version can be downloaded by anyone. You can also download it and install it on your iPhone, iPad. Till now Apple has launched four variations of iOS 9beta and fixed the bugs and errors of previous variations. iOS 9 is full […]