Blogging is no longer seen as merely a hobby, due to the fact that more and more people are using it as their main tool for generating profit. There are so many incentives for dedicating yourself to this career. For instance, famous bloggers sometimes receive a celebrity status, apart from having the privilege of writing on the topic that they’re passionate about. Even if you do see blogging as just a hobby, would it be so bad to make it generate some side income, as well? With that in mind, here are several ways to help your blog make more money.

1.      Pick a lucrative niche

The problem with this particular tip lies in the fact that it may steer you in a direction that’s different than the one you would otherwise take. Nonetheless, this is vital for more than several reasons. You see, if you decide to make your e-store into your main source of income and use your blog as a vessel for steering traffic towards it, you need to think about methods of doing so in the most effective manner.

Trying to organically fit a product that doesn’t belong to your niche into your content is an incredibly complex matter. Even if you do succeed to pull off this impressive feat, the people on your blog are there to research your niche, which would make them into low-hanging fruit for products belonging to your particular industry. By trying to sell them products that don’t belong to their industry, you’ll lose most of your competitive edge.

2.      DIY SEO

One of the terms that you will, beyond doubt, commonly encounter once you start reading about is the SEO. To outsiders, this may seem as something that takes a lot of technical prowess and, in some cases, this is definitely true. On the other hand, it’s definitely possible to try out a do it yourself SEO project. For this, all you need are some basic SEO tools and some in-depth research. Some of these methods are so simple, such as better keyword research and its implementation in the title of your content.

3.      Email marketing

One of the greatest paradoxes in the world of digital marketing is the one surrounding the ROI of the email marketing. On the one hand, there are some serious studies claiming that an efficient email marketing campaign returns $44 for every $1 invested, which would mean that it yields a 4400 percent ROI. This makes some people believe that buying an email list is a good idea and, while it may yield some results, it is not the same as growing your own email list.

4.      Diversify your streams of income

Another thing worth considering is the fact that, as a blogger, you’ll have so many ways to make money online. So far, we’ve only mentioned selling products on your e-store, however, this is just one of many different streams of income that you can explore. You can advertise your blog, create some affiliate income, host real-life events for your blog and much, much more. The best thing about it all is that these methods aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive. This means that by opting for one, you aren’t necessarily excluding others.


The most important thing you need to deduce from this post is that improving your blog’s income can be so effortless, however, it all comes down to your expectations. When expecting a minor tweak to double your income, you’re bound to be sorely disappointed. On the other hand, some of the above-listed improvements can, indeed, make a drastic difference.