10 things to do Against Smartphone Theft

smartphone theft

10 things to do Against Smartphone Theft

All over the world, 30% to 40% of the burglary involves mobile phones. While in places like San Francisco the figure rises as high as 50%. In order to keep smartphone safe, smartphone owners look out for several means that could help them keep their device secure from thieves and robbers.

Use security apps

Whether Android phones or iPhones, both feature security software, but it doesn’t mean that the software is active. If you use Android gadget, then going for an Android Device Manager or any third party security like Antivirus, Lookout Security or Snap Secure Mobile Security. If you possess an iPhone, ensure that your iPhone has Find My iPhone set and activated.

Make use of a strong password

Too many people ignore the importance of access codes, passwords and PINs. They opt for something like 1234 or password. However, this is not right. They should come up with something unique and creative that could make their system more secure so that not even the hackers could guess it easily.

Keep phone data always with you

Always have your phone details close at hand with you. The details include phone number, phone model number, International Mobile Equipment Identifier and serial number with you. If the phone gets stolen, the owner needs these details. You can find the IMEI number behind the battery or in the setting menu with *#063#

Be careful about your surroundings and react quickly

Well, it is a general advice. People who often lose their phone while walking in a crowd. People who notice your phone while you chat or message and set their eyes on the café table while you sip your coffee could have the intention to steal your phone. Always be careful. Don’t leave your phone on café table or side seat.

Even if your phone gets stolen, react quickly and inform the police. The police will check the site that may try to unload the stolen phone and provide an insurance claim, if you have applied for one. Report about it to the mobile carrier, so that the service is suspended and the identifier gets blacklisted. Immediately activate the security software.smartphone theft

F-Secure Mobile Security

If you are an Android, Windows or Symbian user, you can try for F-Secure. It provides the basics such as security against malware and malicious viruses, parental control, secure browsing, tracking of location, identity protection, call blocking/ SMS blocking. The first 30 days is the free trial period after which an amount is paid. If you wish to go for something that is always free then download the always free Ant-theft application that protects all the data of your phone when it is stolen or lost. It helps to locate your device and allows you to wipe out the data stored in it and lock it distantly.

Avast! Mobile Security

Avast is an Android application but it offers all for free. When compared to the other paid mobile safety alternatives, Avast! renders same specs and more. It has some great live protection, adjustable updates, privacy reports, call SMS filtration, web shield, application and firewall manager. If your device gets stolen, you can do all except for accessing or restoring your contacts.  You can locate the mobile phone, lock it distantly, wipe out the info and receive alert when the SIM card is changed. The App Disguiser allows you to select customised names for the application, if the device gets stolen, it makes it difficult for the thief to access your personal info.

smartphone theftAndroid Lost Free

The application is not just perfect for searching the stolen phone, it will also affect the thief. You can activate it through the Web or SMS, the alarm immediately rings with a flashy display, enabling and disabling the GPS, Wi- Fi and data connection, distantly clean the SD card and receive the latest call list.  It is a free application and allows you to take images from the Smartphone camera and make your phone speak with the help of text to speech. If the SIM card is changed, you are alerted via email.

Choose applications, websites and Wi-Fi network carefully

Sometimes it is the Wi-Fi network that takes away all your private info. One should always use safe Wi-Fi network. Involve safe authentication, if you can as you never know who could be intercepting the unprotected network. One should always be careful while visiting insecure websites and apps. There are many malicious applications available that hinder the safety of your website, thus it is advisable to go for safe and secure websites and apps to avoid intercepting with malicious functioning sites and apps.

iHound Phone and FamilyTracking

iHound is perfect for families and comprises of several tracking tool. It can use the GPS on your phone to track our device and tell its location. It also has an alarm that can be set on through a push alert and heard even if the phone is silent. If you are an Android user, you can distantly wipe all your data and lock your mobile phone. iHound can also safeguard your phone with the unique geofencing spec that eventually checks you in on a social networking site.

Snap Secure Mobile Security

Snap Secure safely and automatically backs up all the data to our online account so that you can directly access it, transfer or restore your data to a new gadget, if required. It comes with anti-spyware and anti-virus safety and helps you scan all new apps for malware and virus. It also has a call blocking spec that allows you to block calls from unknown numbers. You can also block unwanted emails and unwanted messages. Snap Secure is available for Blackberry, Android and iOS gadgets. It is free and paid both.

By following these above mentioned advices and going for a proper anti-virus program, you can easily safeguard your mobile phone from theft, and burglary. Other than this, one should always be careful to protect his device from such malicious activities.

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