Month: October 2012

First Experience with Public Cloud

Cloud..! Cloud..!! Cloud..!!! It been all around for awhile now, with latest being that biggies like VMware and Microsoft are also planning to get into the Public Cloud Services. If that surprises you, then hold your breath for this one –  I have also heard that even Google is thinking of getting into the Public
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Cost Benefit Analysis of Disaster Recovery Options

For most companies, disaster recovery is a critical element to sustained operation. The increased reliance upon digital data has been a big boost in convenience for companies, but has also resulted in a number of unique security hazards. Digital data is easy to manage but is extremely vulnerable to various adverse situations such as a
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FIX:- PRNG is not seeded

Recently working on a Debian server, which was not responding to SSH connection. I have checked and found that the SSH service was down and while restarting it it gives following error sh-3.1# /etc/init.d/ssh restart PRNG is not seeded sh-3.1# I have searched on Google and found that the problem occurs when /dev/random and /dev/urandom
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Famous Indian Webhosting company Znetlive’s i.e. homepage got hacked/injected with link to a Pakistani Forum in the footer. This link was smartly placed in the right side of the website’s footer just behind their live chat widget so it won’t be visible easily. Following are the screenshots of their homepage which I luckily took
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