5 Tips for Moving a Business

Every year thousands of businesses need to relocate. Sometimes this is because you need to be where your customers are, and other times it’s about finding the best business environment for your company. Either way, the process can be tedious and it requires you to sacrifice both time and money until things get back to on track.

The best way to avoid these costs and problems is to plan the move ahead and try to anticipate all the problems that might arise.

Cleaning up

Since you’ve decided to move, you could use it as an opportunity to clean your office up. The move in itself is a bit of a hassle and you don’t want to pack and move things that you don’t really need. Use this opportunity to make a list of everything you’ve always wanted to throw away and do it.

This can also be a way to earn a bit of extra money by selling old equipment or by recycling what you can. The move can be quite costly and every bit helps, but the main advantage of this is that your new office won’t be filled with things you have no use for.

Keep both offices running

This may seem like too complicated a move, but it’s what will keep your business afloat during the transition period. There’s going to be mail and calls from uninformed customers coming to both of your addresses trying to figure out what happened.

The key thing is to have a timetable by which both offices will run, and which will determine when one of them will close and the other start working properly. Stick to this timetable and you’ll do fine. However, if you decide to go over the deadline and keep the previous office open for too long you might start to lose money.

Additional storage

During the transition you’re going to need a bit of additional storage because there’s going to be things that you might need for the move and don’t know where to put when the office is up and running (such as boxes, disposable furniture, etc.).

There’s no need to rent additional storage, it’s enough to get a self storage unit. It’s delivered to your door, and storing as well as the safety of the unit is taken care of for you.

The employees

The most important part of the company is the employees that keep it running. This means that losing them is going to be the hardest thing about the move. Try to find out if there is a chance of any of your employees relocating with you. If that is an option, you should reward them for their loyalty, not just with pay raises and bonuses but also with a special place in the new office hierarchy.

It’s probably a good idea to start setting up a new team before the office is actually open for business. That way you can hit the ground running right away.


The move can be used as an interesting way to promote your business and its new location. This can be done by creating a lot of hype around the move, especially if you time it right. Build up the anticipation for a while and then use the date itself to offer discounts and attract customers in your new neighborhood.

A big event for the people in your industry could also coincide with the move. That way you’ll make a big splash with your new office and get some valuable contacts.


Moving can be stressful and costly, but if you plant things right, you should be able to do it without too much trouble. It’s also a chance to start fresh.

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