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5 Wearable Tech and Fitness Gadgets That will Awe You

As technology advances, it becomes smaller and smarter. 2016 had been a great year in terms of tech gadgets and there had been a lot of hype surrounding tech gadgets such as VR, Fitbit and the Apple Watch 2. In fact, the wearable tech market is expected to reach a whopping $51.60 billion in the U.S. by 2022, according to MarketsandMarkets.

New products are being introduced in the market quite often and the older ones are being improved continuously to meet the changing consumer requirements. If you are a gadget freak and a fitness buff, then you need to grab one of these tech and fitness gadgets. But with so many options, it might become difficult to separate the good from the not-so-good.

Here we discuss about five top tech and fitness gadgets that will awe you for sure:

  1. Activite Steel HR by Withings

If you are looking for something smarter than your standard smartwatch, then you need to check out the Activité Steel HR edition brought to you by Withings. This is a high-end fitness gadget that tracks steps, running, swimming, and sleep and everything is done automatically. It features a stylish design with an analog activity dial. The gadget can be very easily synchronized with your iOS or Android smartphone.

Activite Steel HR

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There are two versions of this wearable gadget available in the US and UK market. The latest version also includes an optical heart rate monitor, which makes the gadget a better, more useful day-to-day fitness tracker. The Activite Steel HR is the perfect fitness gadget for people looking for an elegant and sophisticated wearable that does not at all look like a smart watch.

  1. Tune Smart Running Shoes

Introduced by Kinematix, Tune takes consumer-level run tracking to the next level. The tracker builds a running profile for the consumer and upgrades it with each run, thus allowing the consumer to evaluate their performance. Tune closely monitors the individual performance of both feet allowing you to detect the asymmetries of the left and right feet in real time. Thus, you get a better insight as to how to run more efficiently, improve performance and ensure better balance and lesser injuries. Tune is also capable of pulling data from the GPS on your smartwatch/ smartphone to provide you with all the necessary running metrics such as pace, speed, distance, etc.

Tune Smart Running Shoes

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  1. Octopus Icon-Based Watch for Kids

Octopus is a colorful watch for kids that looks much like the Apple Smartwatch. It was designed to help children become self-disciplined and independent. Parents can use their iOS or Android phones to schedule reminders on the Octopus watches. When you schedule a specific task it pops up as a notification (in form of an icon) on the Octopus watch. So you can tell your kids its dinner time without having to nag constantly. The gadget is specifically designed for kids aged between three and eight and feature over 600 icons. In order to encourage your child to follow the instructions, you can turn on the gamification feature that offers virtual rewards such as special badges based on their progress.

Octopus Icon-Based Watch for Kids

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  1. Smith’s Lowdown Focus Mpowered by Muse

Did you ever think you could measure your brain waves in real time? Smith’s Lowdown Focus Mpowered by Muse or simply Lowdown Focus, a pair of smart glasses has made it possible. It uses brain-sensing technology from Muse to help you get your brain’s attention on demand. Even though they are smart glasses they look like your normal sunglasses.

You can see the data on an app and try out various meditation practices to calm down your mind and improve focus. The modern age is full of distractions and we get influenced by them so easily that we lose focus on important tasks. Using the Lowdown Focus you can train your mind and improve your focus and achieve your goals quickly and easily.

Mpowered by Muse

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  1. Skulpt Chisel

The Skulpt Chisel will give you the ultimate insight into how your body is performing. Most people workout in the gym with an aim to reduce body fat and improve muscle strength. But the traditional body fat scales do not provide you with the accurate results so you fail to understand how your body is reacting to the exercises and activities you are engaging in.

The Skulpt Chisel offers you with near accurate fat loss and muscle composition results. The gadget makes use of small electrical pulses to measure the density of both your body fat and your muscle quality. So if you are a serious fitness freak, you can’t do without a Skulpt Chisel.

Skulpt Chisel

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Innovation around wearable gadgets has exploded in the recent years. With the modern day tech and fitness gadgets you can stay in control of your health and life. You can also encourage your friends and family members to leverage the various gadgets and make life happier. We have listed some of the most happening gadgets for fitness freaks. Do you want to add some more?

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