5 Web Hosting Trends for 2014

Web Hosting Trends

5 Web Hosting Trends for 2014

Cloud computing technology is rapidly overtaking global business world and changing different industries. Web hosting industry has gone through some major transformations with the broad adoption of pay-per-use computing and cheap cloud storage offers.

Obviously, with a resource such as public cloud, both hosting providers and their users have multiple options. One thing is for sure – public cloud is a trend of the future and its growth will have a significant impact on the web hosting industry in the following years.  Below is a summary of web hosting trends that are expected to dominate the year 2014

  1. Hybrid cloud. Hybrid cloud is a platform that combines resources from both public cloud and dedicated servers and that gains more and more attention by business users all over the world. Gartner’s recent report regarded hybrid cloud as one of the top strategic trends for 2014 and predicted its future transformation into a more dynamic system. Hybrid cloud offers an opportunity for all organizations to successfully merge benefits of dedicated hosting and public servers in order to maximize business efficiency.
  2. Green hosting. Hardware equipment used in companies grows at an amazing rate and this brings some new environmental concerns. Development of new technologies simplifies our everyday lives but it may have a negative impact on the environment. Many vendors have started promoting green web hosting powered by either wind or solar power. This type of hosting will definitely become a major player in the market and we may expect its substantial growth in the following year.
  3. Mobile computing. Mobile devices have practically become a device of choice for millions of users worldwide. Developers’ focus thus shifts towards this platform in an attempt to provide mobile users with efficient apps they may need for their everyday activities or professional purposes. In the world of web hosting, it gets increasingly important to adjust technology and marketing to mobile users, which will make mobile computing a major topic among web hosts in 2014.
  4. Scalable solutions. As the cloud power grows, there are more and more opportunities for web hosts to offer custom solutions in terms of disk space, bandwidth and features. Cloud-based hosting relies on cloud servers and this feature enables users to scale the resources up and down as they need. This is particularly important for small businesses that can significantly benefit from pay-per-use models.
  5. Security.  Security concerns have always been a heated topic in the world of public cloud hosting. As growing amounts of digital data are sent to the cloud and transferred via the web, experts more frequently point to potential risks of malicious activities. The focus of hosting providers is to develop reliable solutions with enhanced security systems and offer maximum protection for their users.

The year 2013 has clearly brought about some significant changes in the world of web hosting and the way we see and choose our providers. The following year will definitely further popularize the trends given above and will determine the path hosting industry is to take.

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