6 Apps That are Constantly Improving Our Lives

In the time span of many centuries, human beings evolved, and technology is taking this evolution in a new direction. Transhumanism is constantly promising to reduce physical and intellectual limitations of human beings. Our lives are entirely controlled by the electronic gadgets that we use. We use multiple apps that help us one way or the other.

Apps like Google Maps have become a necessity because we don’t want to spend hours in search of some place. On the other hand apps like Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp help us socialize and inform us about what is happening around us. There are apps which are even reducing language because in these apps you can communicate only by sending gifts or emojis.

Most people stick to these favorite apps and do not pay any attention to the newly made apps. There are different apps that not only change your lifestyle but also improve it in an efficient manner. The simplest example of this is that you don’t need to carry a giant diary for your ‘to-do-list’; you can just make the list on your smartphone. Here is a list of 6 apps that are constantly changing our lives


In this fast moving life where everybody is frustrated, and mobile phones and other electronic gadgets are associated with business, this app can transform your life. This app can change your smartphone from the instrument that keeps you busy to the tool that keeps you relaxed.  It is one of the best apps that give you lessons about guided meditations and helps you relax.

This app can reduce your anxiety to a minimum because it offers you planned lessons about when to sleep when to accept yourself and when to meditate. Meditation sessions vary in time; you can take courses ranging from 2 to 10 minutes, depending on the time you can spare.

Daily Art


It is the best app for those people who want to be cultured and are interested in art. This app is like a mini art gallery in your mobile which offers you random paintings of famous artists. Each and everything is described regarding the painting, and you don’t need to go miles away just to look at the picture.

The best thing about the app is that it also gives you some brief descriptions, which serve as a guide. You can read the description in less than five minutes and can know the story behind the painting. It is informative as well as time saving.


In one way or the other, your smartphone is your personal identity, and it follows that it should be doing something useful for you. This app can improve your life because it keeps account of your daily moves and routine, and makes your best moves a story of your everyday life. When you look back to those stories, you get inspiration and try to improve yourself further.

It has multiple functions: it can count how many steps you have taken in a day or how many calories you have burnt. The interesting thing is that it doesn’t only work by placing your phone in your hand; it can also work from your handbag.


You must be aware of the feeling of frustration that when you have planned something and are unable to get that because you are one ingredient down.  By this app, you can get a suggestion of decent substitute that can replace the original thing.

In our busy lives, we forget things most of the time only to know later when we are reminded by someone else or just at the time when the thing is needed utmost. This app is good because it gives you multiple possibilities as well as saves you from regret.


In our generation everybody is so obsessed with photos that anywhere you go, you will find at least few people of the sort. Capturing what you think is beautiful is one thing but giving your pictures a customized touch is another. ‘Over’ offers you the best solution if you want to add a variety of text in multiple font styles.

Merely capturing the photo may remind you of the exact place when after many years you look at it, but adding a text may let you feel what you were thinking many years ago when you captured this photo. On the other hand, these markings also act as brief descriptions of what you captured. For a third person, it is easy to comprehend a picture this way.

Around Me


Travelling is such a great adventure that it has become a darling of many persons who want themselves released – even if for some time – from the burden of daily life routines. But, traveling can be difficult if a person doesn’t know about the places which are necessary like ATMs, hotels, and hospitals.

This app gives you a list of all the nearby hotels, cafes, coffee bars, cinemas and local guides. This way you act independently and enjoy to the fullest.

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This article is written by Kyle Ward, he works at Rebateszone. He is a software engineer by profession, and he has developed many useful apps.

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