8 Gadgets That Will Make Life Comfortable and Convenient for All in 2017

In 2017, gadgets are only going to get sharper, smartphones smarter, and multimedia tech innovations, all set, to take the world by storm and change the way we work, live, eat, and play.

Expect a baby monitor that soothes a crying baby, and teaches them a foreign language, an alarm clock that shrieks if you dare to press the snooze button and lay down again, and a ring that tracks your calories, sleep, fitness levels, and heart rate.

Take a look at these amazing technological innovations that are coming your way in 2017 before anyone else.

  1. Wearable Sensors to Detect Your Alcohol Level in the Body

 There have been constant efforts to use technology to curb and prevent DUI accidents. 2017 witnesses a major leap in this direction. Companies that are into wearable sensors have come up with a wristband that can detect the various chemicals in the body on the basis of perspiration of the skin. This particular wristband can assess your blood alcohol content and send the information to the connected app where you can see your blood alcohol level and accordingly determine if you should indulge in the next round of drinks.

  1. Credit Card-Sized Computer

 The internet of things is a concept that is rapidly evolving and getting more and more integrated into our daily lives. We are on the brink of a time when we are about to own robots, and have internet connected home devices. Intel has come up with a solution that will make this upgrade smoother for us. The company has designed a credit card-sized computer or better known as the compute card, which is basically a mini-computer that can be easily inserted into smart devices. This mini computer will  make upgrading gadgets like smart refrigerators, connected security cameras and other smart appliances as simple as just swapping up a component. The computer comprises of all the same things as a standard computer like a processor, memory, storage and wireless tech.

  1. Online Shopping with Augmented Reality

 Augmented reality infused online shopping simply implies that you will be able to see the product come up alive in front of you in full 360-degree detail. The company pioneering this concept is Aryzon. As Aryzon describes, “The augmented experience can include new types of information, reveal product ergonomics, and allow users  to see the scale and size of any product for sale.” Aryzon has elaborate plans to kickstart a project that will make augmented reality shopping experience available to all online shoppers. Get ready to brace in some fantastic and real-time online shopping this year.

  1. Smart Baby Monitors

 In 2017, Mattel will launch a baby monitor that will be a smart monitor and Amazon echo fitted into one. This baby monitor will comes with a smart-voice activated speaker and a companion camera. It is made in a way where it can perform tasks like soothing a crying baby, buying diapers, encouraging kids to maintain discipline, and even help them learn a foreign language. This gadget was showcased  in the annual CES expo, and will soon enter the mainstream market. What more can you ask for new parents?

  1. Fitness Tracking Ring

 Wearable sensors were very big last year and are only set to get bigger this year. Here comes a fitness tracking ring that comes integrated with every aspect of fitness you can think of. The titanium-encased device tracks sleep patterns and hours, fitness levels and activities alike. So you will have a comprehensive understanding of the number of steps you are taking, the calories you have burned, and the distance you have covered walking or jogging. It also comes equipped with an optical heart sensor, thus covering all aspects of the health. You will definitely be more motivated to achieve your health goals with this super cool fitness tracking ring.

  1. Tech Innovations in the Fast Food Sector

 We have been hearing of digitization and automation in the food sector for quite some time now. Looks like 2017 will be the year it all starts happening. Self-serving kiosks will gradually punctuate the food market along with automated drone delivery. Now we are not saying it is going to be everywhere this year, but definitely these technologies will begin to be tested in 2017 widely and probably in mainstream use by the end of the year.

  1. The Self-Warming Bed

Technology is at your command this year to make you as comfortable as possible. A high-tech bed is all set to rid you of frosty toes and numbing in those impossibly cold days. Sleep Number has designed a bed that warms the foot of your bed as you fall asleep, so that you can have a warm comfortable sleep.This smart mattress will ensure you have the most comfortable sleep. The bed is configured to read biometric cues to understand if the person sleeping on the bed is snoring. If that is the case, the dual-sided adjustable bed is designed to raise the snorer’s head just enough to drown away or reduce the sound of the snore. The complains of a snoring partner are sure to reduce substantially.

The software of the bed is such that the position of the mattress changes according to your sleeping position. So if you turn to one side in your sleep, the self adjusting mattress will deflate the mattress slightly to ensure you are in a comfortable and healthy posture.

  1. 3D Printers

Wondering why this makes it to the list, considering 3D printers have been around forever. With continuous technological advancements, 3D printers will be available at a much more affordable price this year, at only around $200-300. The prices are only expected to drop through the year. Get ready to print a concept the same day , it is designed and bid goodbye to days and months of developing a model. It is sure to make process faster, boost creativity and help stay at the top of things.

To Conclude,

 While this was our list of some super cool gadgets that will change the way we experience life in many aspects in 2017. But, we can guarantee you that this is only the tip of the iceberg. Browse up and do a little bit of research to find out more about the awe-inspiring gadgets 2017 will welcome which will transform our lives in innumerable ways.

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