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eITWebguru.com – a portal which covers various fields of Technology and Internet like OS issue, Gadgets, Software’s, and Social Media Marketing Search Engine Optimization. We provide fix for many know Linux and Windows issues – Latest news & events happing on Social Media, SEO related tips and tweaks in a simple way and many more.

Our main aim to provide tutorials, tips, tweaks reviews and fix in such a simple way so that you will find them easier than your Television User Manual.

With a group of great authors who are expert in their fields and a passion of writing who want to share their knowledge, findings latest updates happenings in the Technology and Internet world.

eITWebguru.com is just an effort to share whatever little we have learned over the years and learning in the field of Technology and Internet. This is still a developing blog and I hope to make it a place where you get answers for every possible question you may have about Technology.

Thank you for visiting us.

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