Android apps that help you manage your time

manage your time

Android apps that help you manage your time

Time is more important than we can imagine. It’s something we need a lot but once gone, we can’t turn back. That’s why we have to make the best of it and this can only happen when it’s planned properly. Time management used to take a bit of effort. We used to keep little agendas where we’d write our tasks, to-do lists and schedules. But that was too long ago. Nowadays technology is so developed, it’s a shame not to replace those old-fashioned paper books that take time with our modern gadgets that are easy to use. To manage your time is not that complicated anymore if you have the right applications. It’s no longer an obstacle. Check out our list of time management apps that will ease your life in a modern way.


Having this app, you don’t have to struggle to manage your time anymore. This To-Do list allows you to create lists and set reminders. The best feature of this app is the fact that it’s perfect for collaboration. You can create projects for whole groups of people, be it your family, friends or any team you want. You can divide tasks between people and your receive notifications for every complete assignment. This keeps you informed about every task and the status of the whole project. This apps saves you time and helps you work together with others.


WaToDo is a great application that helps you manage your time. It allows you to create tasks and divide them into contexts. It supports an unlimited number of projects and sub-projects. You can select your priorities in order to make sure you finish with the most important tasks first. To keep you absolutely informed, the app allows you to add notes to each task and thus get reminded about details that you might forget. You can also group activities and put them into a project.

Now Do This

No more distractions. This app is the best way to remind yourself about what has to be done at the moment and helps you focus on the most important things. The app is very simple and absolutely focused on the priorities, so that it keeps you away from distractions. In a way the app forces you to do what has to be done at the moment and you can’t move on to the other task without completing the current one. The app offers a super distraction-free interface – completely white background, the task and a ‘Done’ button. The only disadvantage this app has is the fact that it deletes tasks once they’ve been completed, so if there’s something you have to repeat, you have to enter it in the app again.

Dr. Timer

Dr. Timer is a great time management app that as a timer to keep you updated on how much time you’re spending on a task. A great advantage this application has is the fact that you can include not only a note but an image or even an audio to your projects.


If you want a simple add, this one is perfect for you. Its simplicity makes it nice to work with. It allows you to create tasks and lists and share them with other people. You can set your priority tasks and add reminders.

If you want to manage your time properly by starting with what’s important and not losing track of priorities and time spent on them, these apps are the perfect choice for you.

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