Android Permission Denied Error while rooting Device


Sometime while root any device using Android Debug Bridge (adb) it shows following errors

Error 1:

/data/local/GingerBreak: permission denied

Error 2:

Cannot copy boomsh.: Permission denied

Solution (Error 1)

After going to ADB shell of the device when you execute “/data/local/GingerBreak” shows following error:

E:\ADB\adb.exe shell
$ /data/local/GingerBreak
/data/local/GingerBreak: permission denied


To fix this problem you need to give 755 permission to GingerBreak file. So, execute following command

$ chmod 755 /data/local/GingerBreak


This will assign proper permissions to the file.


Solution (Error 2)

After you fixing Error 1 while running GingerBreak you might face following error:

E:\ADB\adb.exe shell
$ /data/local/GingerBreak
/data/local/GingerBreak[**] Gingerbreak/Honeybomb — android 2.[2,3], 3.0 softbreak
[**] (C) 2010-2011 The Android Exploid Crew. All rights reserved.
[**] Kudos to jenzi, the #brownpants-party, the Open Source folks,
[**] Zynamics for ARM skills and Onkel Budi[**] donate to if you like
[**] Exploit may take a while![+] Detected Froyo!
[+] Found system: 0xafd1426d strcmp: 0xafd1d52d
[+] Found PT_DYNAMIC of size 264 (33 entries)
[+] Found GOT: 0x000142a8
[+] Using device /devices/platform/msm_sdcc.1/mmc_host
[*] vold: 0084 GOT start: 0x000142a8 GOT end: 0x000142e8[**] donate to if you like
[**] Exploit may take a while![-] Cannot copy boomsh.: Permission denied


To fix this issue you have to delete two files i.e. /data/local/tmp/boomsh and /data/local/tmp/sh. Following are the commands to remove the files

E:\ADB\adb.exe shell
$ rm /data/local/tmp/boomsh
$ rm /data/local/tmp/sh


Done :)

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