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Flagship War: HTC One M8 VS Nexus 5

HTC One M8 VS Nexus 5 The Google Nexus 5 took the market by storm when it first came out last year. It was eagerly awaited because it offered specs that seemed impossible for the price. If we talk about the devices running the same chipset, LG G2 was the closest rival and was priced
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Nokia Asha 502 -The tiny preeminent

Nokia Asha 502 -The tiny preeminent Mobile phone buyers in different continents are now used to being bombarded by cheaply priced phones that look ugly or simply bland. However, the Asha phones from Nokia have effortlessly bucked this trend and how. Most of the Asha siblings are not priced more than 100 dollars, including pre-subsidy.
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Xolo Q500: First ever snapdragon powered phone from Lava

Xolo has introduced its most recent Q series smartphone, the new Q500, at Rs. 7,999, and has made it obtainable in the Indian marketplace. The brand new Xolo smartphone enlarges the company’s Q series of Smartphones that already embraces phones for example Xolo Q600, Xolo Q800, Xolo Q700, Xolo Q900,  Xolo Q1000S, Xolo Q1000 and Xolo Q2000. All of these
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10 things to do Against Smartphone Theft

10 things to do Against Smartphone Theft All over the world, 30% to 40% of the burglary involves mobile phones. While in places like San Francisco the figure rises as high as 50%. In order to keep smartphone safe, smartphone owners look out for several means that could help them keep their device secure from
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Leaked: HTC M8 Specifications

Leaked: HTC M8 Specifications We’ve been discussing about the HTC M8 since summers of 2013. It was the time, when the device was recognized as HTC’s flagship successor release for HTC One (M7 in particular). Since that time, there have been many tweaks, updates and handset feature leaking made for the device.  However, here we
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