Avoid Blog Failure With These Killer Tips

avoid blog failure

Tips to Avoid Blog Failure

Running your own blog can be a fascinating way to help promote your own business, and thousands of people are finding this out for themselves. By generating serious interest in your online diary, it is possible to engage with an audience who would otherwise be very tricky to actually reach. You can do this and so much more as long as you maintain your blog effectively. But there are many more bloggers out there who have achieved just the reverse by failing to maintain their blog correctly. If you are just starting out in the world of blogging for business, or perhaps you’ve recently realized that your efforts have been in vain, the rest of this article will be of use to you. So please spend a few minutes to digest the rest of this content and we hope that you will take something valuable away with you.


Whether your blog is extremely busy, or a laid back affair, without a decent schedule set up, you will certainly fail. Because running any kind of successful blog requires a strict routine that must be adhered to effectively. Think about how often you want to post your articles, and then decide how often you read through your incoming mail. Set up a calendar on Google and you will soon fall into the swing of things.

About Me

Did you know that this is the most important and frequently visited page on your blog? And because of this, you really need to write a killer article that will do justice to this interest. The ‘About me’ page will allow your visitors to see exactly who you are and why you are running this blog in the first place. Talk to them directly and see if you can use this page to break the ice and find new friends.

What is Your Goal?

No matter how small it may be, you really need to set up a list of goals that your blog should be meeting. They can be weekly, monthly, or even longer, but the point is that they need to be realistic and well thought out. Perhaps you need to ensure that you have a guest blog posted each fortnight, or maybe your audience number needs to hit 500 by next month. The point is that without these targets, your blog will never really matter.

No Network

As well as your audience, you should network with other bloggers as often as possible. Go and visit similar blogs and start laying down some engaging comments. By following this route, you will soon get your own brand recognised in a variety of quarters. The readers from these other blogs will follow you back to your own site and you could soon have a whole new set of readers. For example,  if you are committed to writing about Fixie bicycles, be sure to visit similar blogs and spread those pearls of wisdom in a generous fashion.

Ready To Blog?

Ensure that you stick with these 4 slick tips and we are sure that your blog will soon be up there with the best of them!

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The author of this post, Kristina Parker, is a freelance blogger by profession. In her spare time, Kristina loves playing tennis and going to the beach with her friends. You can follow her on Twitter @Kristinawparker.

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