Benefits of Promotional Products in Present-Day Marketing

The offline nature of promotional product marketing gives it a chance to appeal to a much broader audience, not just millennials and Generation Z. Most importantly, this method can help you give your digital presence a slight boost, which means that it’s a win-win-win scenario on all fronts. With that in mind and without further ado, let’s check out some benefits of promotional products in present-day marketing.

1.      A guarantee of customer loyalty

The first thing you need to understand about promotional products is the fact that they provide you with an incredible boost to customer loyalty. The main reason behind this is the fact that this is something that your customers see as a bonus, a token of good will and not something that they expect you to provide. A coupon or a discount is seen as a method for improving sale; a lure to make them buy from you. A promotional product, on the other hand, is a display of your appreciation for your customer.

2.      A boost to your digital marketing

Another thing that you can use promotional products for is – to boost your digital marketing, and there are several ways for you to do so. First, you get to use these products to spread awareness of your online presence. For instance, your printed t-shirts can have your URL, social media handles or just social media icons printed on them in order to demonstrate the fact that you are present on these platforms. Other than this, you can also use promotional products as a reward for participation in social media contest. Finally, starting a giveaway is yet another option.

3.      Chance to demonstrate your values

By carefully selecting the promotional product that you’re printing, you have a way of demonstrating your corporate values to your audience. For instance, by handing out eco-friendly merchandise like personalised water bottles, you can put your environmentalism on display. Using your marketing in order to spread awareness is a noble cause and is likely to muster like-minded people around you in droves. This means that instead of just spreading your brand with promotional materials, you’re using them to define your brand. A similar thing goes with promotional USBs, due to the fact that they can help one go paperless.

4.      Not enough people are using them

Previously, we’ve discussed the fact that you can use promotional products to give a boost to your digital marketing, yet, this is not so when it comes to a lot of your competitors. A surprisingly large number of entrepreneurs is avoiding old-school marketing altogether in favor of digital marketing. Instead of allocating a part of their marketing budget for promotional merchandise, they pour it all into their social media marketing or their video marketing. Needless to say, this is your opportunity to shine. By filling in the niche that they’ve so recklessly left vacant, you can depict your brand as unique and leave a memorable impression in the eyes of your audience from square one.

5.      Budget-friendly marketing tool

The last thing you need to know about the use of promotional products is the fact that they give an incredible ROI. To some, this may be a tad hard to understand due to the fact that there are some promotion methods that are completely free. However, when speaking about cost-effectiveness, the cost-per-conversion that you get from a single unit of promotional product can be amazing. This is especially true when you consider the discount that you’ll get from printing in bulk.


Even in the present-day marketing, the benefits of old-school marketing (the one that depends on promotional products) are still quite relevant. By printing in bulk, you can get an amazing price-per-unit, which gives you amazing cost-per-conversion rate, when compared to some other marketing methods. One more thing that you need to keep in mind is the fact that all of these promotional products can be moved, stored and used on a later date. When printing them, you get what you pay for and no item truly goes to waste.


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