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Are You PCI Compliant?

PCI (payment card industry) compliance may not be a term you hear frequently as a small business owner. However, it has noteworthy impact to the level of risk your business assumes in payment processing if you accept credit cards and debit cards from customers as a form of payment. Despite that media headlines tend to
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Latest Educational Apps for Windows 8

Latest Educational Apps for Windows 8 With the increase in technology, everyone expects to complete his or her work easily with the use of technology. With this purpose, Windows 8 PC brings all such useful apps at a single page or a store. One of the important apps for the present day generation or the
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Comparing the Best Virtualization Software (HyperV Vs. VMWare)

Best Virtualization Software: Comparison between HyperV and VMWare There’s a multitude of virtualization software on the market ranging from mediocre spin-offs from once stable open source offerings, through to tried and tested market leaders. For most people though, the battle between Microsoft and VMWare is the one that rages most frequently. Microsoft’s Hyper-V and VMWare’s
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