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Enkompass Error: Method ‘GetSessionTimeout’ from contract ‘IServerAdministratorService’ failed.

After installation of Enkompass while configuring the server at “Initial Setup Wizard” when you press Next on Second Step it throws following Error Problem Code: Unknown Type: WebAppAPIException Exception of type ‘cPanel.Web.Exceptions.WebAppAPIException’ was thrown. Method ‘GetServerSmtp Could not connect to net.tcp:// The connection attempt lasted for a time span of 00:00:01.0153305. TCP error code 10061:
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Stand Alone Installation of Enkompass on HyperV Part-I (Configuration of Microsoft Windows Server 2008)

Enkompass is a Windows Control Panel provided and support by cPanel which is the leading Control Panel provider for Linux. Enkompass can be installed on a Single Server or on a Distributed System. In Single Server every component i.e. IIS, Mail Server (like smartermail, sherweb hosted exchange etc.), MSSQL, MySQL will be installed on single
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Stand Alone Installation of Enkompass on HyperV Part-II (Installation and Configuration of Enkompass)

In my previous Article “Configuration of Microsoft Windows Server 2008” I have explain the components which are requires by Enkompass. Once you done all the configuration you are ready to install Enkompass on your Server. Installation and Configuration of Enkompass 1) Download the latest version i.e. Enkompass 1 from 2) Run the installer, and
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