Changing Trend of SEO in 2017

As 2017, is begin and the time to examine the digital marketing landscape in future. SEO is transforming at lighting speed. In last few months various development in SEO has been taking place. Numerous advanced trends of 2016 will continue and developing in 2017. Google algorithm updates continuously.

There are few thing look out for the ensuing month:

Optimization for User Intent

Optimization for User Intent

Keywords are important, by typing simple words you can produce the simple results. Now user understands exactly what are they looking for, Search engines are now very smart and advance in identifying the user objective. Although user now submit full phrases and queries in search engines, and they collect information and heuristics to deliver results more effectively.

In 2017, the brand will require placing value on optimizing their digital content based on objective apart from particular keywords.

  • Investigate: – what user mostly search that brings them to your page
  • Optimize: – when you collect the researched data and search location that require working, changes required to increase the rating. Based on research tell the users story by transforming content to reflect the user’s experience.
  • Adjust: – continue with analytics to see what’s working and what’s not so you can update accordingly.

Cross Channel Marketing

Cross Channel Marketing

Cross –channel and multi-channel marketing seem like similar but in reality, they are different. Cross-channel means the way you are using various channels to market your brand in an interracial way while multi-channel simply means starting the presence of your brand on more than one platform. The main objective of cross-channel marketing is to develop a reliable brand presence across the various channels so the user can move smoothly between the platform and devices to make a purchase. According to the study report, around 73% of respondent claimed that cross-channel had an important impact in boosting conversion rates but it is effective when you understand your target audience. During this process business face some big challenges like:

  • Searching the exact time to release it.
  • Using correct channel.
  • Understand the right message.

However there are various tools and resources is available to assist, with the extensive use of mobile devices cross-channel marketing is still in the initial stage. Now the user are more concerned and connected than ever and required for quality cross-channels marketing which directly presents that it will be high demand till the end of 2017

Rich Answer and Snippets

Rich Answer and Snippets

For any answer, we all are turn to Google and in response to our queries, Google will provide us the necessary relevant information directly in search result with various other helpful website, movies, video, event and reviews of visitors and much other information about the relevant topic. “Schema markup” (also termed as Structured Data Markup) it helps the website owner to improved listing on SERPs (Search Engine Rating Pages). It assists the search engine to understand the website content which helps them in representing the information in a proper way that is helpful for users. By adding Schema Markup to your website you can boost the opportunity of having an increased SERP listing, being featured in rich answer or having a knowledge panel appear.

Voice Search

Voice Search

In last few years, voice search is ongoing projects in the industry, it is the rapidly increasing search option. The appeal is indubitable and it is fast, futuristic and importantly hands-free. With the growing technologies, the error rate of voice search is plunged.

The objective of voice search 2017 is moving forward and voice recognition transfer into voice understanding it includes various changes like location based content, personalized information, previous searches, keywords research based on spoken queries. Although voice search is the biggest trend and with the outstanding improvement to Google Now, SEO marketers, Siri and Cortana would be wise to closely examine voice innovation.

Intensify Mobile Growth

Mobile search is rapidly growing and it gives the new shape to SEO in last few years. The traffic distribution is now shifted from desktop to mobile devices. According to report google stat that mobile searches had surpassed desktop searches on search engines and they also announced that it has started experiments to make its index mobile first and it will prove to be necessary for all until the end of 2017.

2017 will be the big year for SEO marketer to factor these new trends into bigger picture to prepare to take on upcoming trends and experiments.

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