Cloud Myths That Small Business Owners Need to See Through

The Forbes reported in 2013 that when the cloud storage hit the mainstream, more than half of small businesses started using the cloud. However, the fact that they are using it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are doing it properly. With the massive migration to the cloud, a lot of small businesses failed to understand the entire point of this migration. Here are some of the myths that need to be busted for small businesses to make the most of what they are paying for.


Cloud is Only for Storage

You can respectively store your files on your hard drive, external hard drives, and on your cloud. If you have only one copy of that file, then you are simply storing it. Two copies or more is backing it up. You can back up your files on the cloud, as well. However, this is still just a small portion of what you can do with your cloud. Apps and services that your providers offer are more than just placing your docs at one more place. You can manipulate them, edit them, share them, protect them, and delegate work on them to your collaborators.

Cloud is Completely Safe

When it comes to physical damage of your drives, files that you store on your cloud are definitely much safer than those that you store on physical drives. If a computer breaks down for any reason, it means that your files will be gone as well. Those files that are on the cloud will be left intact. Other security concerns come from hacker attacks. While this changes all the time, cloud service providers usually offer a very strong encryption that protects your data very well.

Cloud is Too Expensive

Different services offered by your company cost differently. The same goes for the different packages within the same company. If you opt for a respectable company like pCloud, you will be sure that you will get a good storage space for your photos, videos, and all sort of other data. You will be able to access it via mobile or desktop devices. You will also get secure encryptions and as much safety as you can be guaranteed online. All you need to do is to choose the package that you feel suits you best.


Cloud is Slow

This is a myth that dates back from the early 2000, when the cloud first appeared and started working. Naturally, it took ages to upload something and even more to do different processes online. However, now, it is very quick and efficient. If you try to collaborate with your coworkers and all of you are able to access a document that is on the cloud, you will all be able to change it and edit it in real time without delays.

A lot of things have changed when it comes to the cloud technology during the last couple of years. Moreover, it changed so much that small businesses were not always up to date with all the improvements and possibilities that it offers. However, today, you can learn all there is to know about the potential of the cloud, so that you can make the most of it and make it work for your business; therefore, turning it into a more efficient company.

About: Dan Radak

Dan Radak is a Cloud Computing security professional. Currently employed as a consultant in couple of Web Hosting companies. Lately, he has been interested in web design. In his free time he likes travelling. You can reach him on Twitter.

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