Combining Chatbots and Phone Calls into One Amazing New Customer Service Platform

Back in the day, offering customer support in your company meant hiring a number of people who used to sit in a tiny room full of telephones and talk to whoever would dial their number. Times have changed and one of the ways to see that is to compare that image with an idea of modern customer support all 21st-century companies rely on. There are lots of possibilities you could offer your clients and customers, including live chats and phone calls, but probably the best way to come off as truly supportive and helpful is by combining these two ideas. If that’s something you’d like to try doing as well, here are a few ideas you need to explore in order to combine chatbots and phone calls into one unique system that offers your clients, users, and customers the best experience possible.

Understand the importance and benefits of these two ideas

In order to fully integrate these two ways to communicate with your users, clients, and customers, you need to learn more about each of them and understand why they’re so amazing. First, when it comes to chatbots, you need to accept the fact that they’re a new and rather innovative idea that has appeared a few years ago and has been getting more and more popular ever since. This amazing program, powered by your company’s own AI, can carry out a conversation with real people as if they were talking to an actual person in your customer support. Due to that, the biggest benefits and advantages of this idea include, among other things, its high speed, its responsiveness, its precision, and its absolute knowledge of everything your customers might be inquiring about.

On the other hand, call centers are a bit more traditional concept that includes having people answering phones and actually talking one on one to someone on the other line. This might seem like a thing of the past at first, but if you’re one of those people who value human touch and prefer hiring someone you can trust instead of relying on AI, you’re going to set up a call center in your company as soon as possible. In the end, this approach is more natural and personal, and that’s something all your clients, users, and customers will appreciate, and they’ll start respecting your business even more because of that.

How to combine chatbots and phone calls?

Bringing these two ideas together might sound like the hardest thing in the world, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s all about finding simple and easy solutions that could go a really long way. First of all, you have to check your chatbots and make sure you’re completely satisfied with the AI they’re using. In case you feel this should be upgraded, updated, or fixed, do that ASAP and try not to wait any longer.

After that, you have to look into your hardware and software and check whether everything’s working as it should. You could also consider updating your equipment and finding new solutions that might go a really long way. For instance, the philosophy behind the useful voice over IP chat could be just the thing you’re looking for. This is a great way to establish a fast communication channel to your customers and give them everything they need in a matter of seconds. Finally, don’t forget to hire some new people who will operate your new customer support system and actually do all the talking. Invest time and money into their training and teach them how to sound informative, compassionate, and trustworthy at the same time, because these are the things people are going to be looking for the most.

Why should you combine chatbots and phone calls?

The biggest reason why you need to take this idea into consideration is the ability to create an even more reliable and responsive customer support than the one you’d have if you opted for either one of these solutions. Having real people talking over the phone with your customers and giving them answers generated by a chatbot’s AI means your customers will get all the answers they want, in real-time, and without wasting even a second of their precious time. And that’s something you can’t put a price on!

Another reason why this is such a great idea is a chance to establish an even closer connection to all those people following you, your products, and your services. These people contact you when they’re in trouble and when they’re looking not just for a way to solve their issues, but for someone who will hear them out and understand them. That’s why having an actual human being on the other side of the line is crucial – and if that human being has absolutely all the answers those people could ever need, they’re going to feel better than you can imagine. This will help your company appear more professional and boost your customer experience, especially in these hard times of worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, and that’s always a great thing.

As you can see, uniting chatbots and phone calls into one amazingly helpful and useful customer service platform isn’t hard at all. You just have to get all your equipment on the same page and teach your employees how to become more effective at what they do. In the end, this merge is going to take not just your customer service to the next level, but your entire company as well – and that’s something we’re all trying to achieve!

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