Disk types for Virtual Environments In Virtuozzo

Parallels Virtuozzo Technology which is used to create Virtual Environments or Containers for both Windows and Linux Based Servers. Each Virtual Environments has it’s own CPU, RAM and Disk Space in which OS is installed. Virtuozzo for Windows allows user to use VE Disks of Two types; they are

1) Plain :
This is a default Disk type for VE’s in Virtuozzo. In this type at the time of VE creation all nominal disk size is being allocated or assigned to the VE’s at once. For Example, if you have assigned Disk Space of 100 GB; 100 GB out of available Disk Space will be assigned to the VE. The biggest disadvantage Plain Disk Type is it consumes heavy disk space of Host server even if the VE is not using that much of Disk.

2) Compact:
This Disk Type was introduced with Virtuozzo Update VZU35159 for Virtuozzo 3.5.1 and VZU40006 for Virtuozzo 4.0. Here, disk file of the VE starts small at the time of creation and it becomes larger as soon as user add’s more data. Every newly created VE (without OS) comes with default Disk quota of 17 MBs and goes increasing as more data get added. Compact disks experience slight performance degradation compared to plain disks, but allow to save considerable amount of disk space.

Creating VE with Disk Type.
User can assign Disk Type at the time of VE creation. Following are the commands for the same:

For plain disks:
vzctl create 101 –pkgset w2k3 –disktype plain

For compact disks:
vzctl create 101 –pkgset w2k3 –disktype compact

Setting the VE Disk Type

Disk Type of a VE can be set or changes at any moment during the VE life-cycle by entering following commands from command prompt:

For plain disks:
vzctl set 101 –disktype plain

For compact disks:
vzctl set 101 –disktype compact

Converting Disk Type will include downtime for a VE as it takes sometime for conversion which depends upon total Disk Usage of the VE

Querying Disk Type of the VE

Following is the command to see the Current Disk Type of the VE

C:/>vzlist -ao veid,disktype

1 Compact
710 Plain
951 Compact
960 Compact
963 Compact
975 Compact

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