Google Ads Versus Facebook Ads

Google Ads Versus Facebook Ads

Google Ads Versus Facebook Ads

When it comes to marketing, Facebook offers such a huge potential audience that it simply cannot be ignored. We are talking about way over a cool billion people here, and many of them are on their accounts for at least an hour every single day. So just imagine cutting a tiny slice of that pie for your own personal set of customers or clients? Because surely they’ll be ready and waiting for your ample charms? But actually, we reckon that Google is a far better option for marketing your brand. Don’t believe us? Okay, please take a few minutes to read this article and we will do our best to convince you, hopefully!

Facebook is not Perfect!

Everyone agrees that Facebook is the big boy of social media and as such, it commands respect. But it is not a sure fire platform for advertising your brand, whether you are selling services or products. Facebook is where everybody goes to chillax and play their favourite games. But will they actually be interested in what it is that you have to sell? Maybe, but There is an awful amount of research involved if you are to see any returns for your efforts. One way to ascertain who your customer base actually are is to look at the profiles of Facebook users and start to build up a requirement for your ideal client base. You can also use the very useful paid Ads tools to find a particular demographic. But at the end of the day, these guys and girls are not really here to buy your stuff, and that can be an expensive mistake to learn.

Google Rocks

The facts are pretty simple, when people go onto Google, they are looking for something. Okay. It may or may not be whatever you are selling, but they are certainly open to suggestions. The intent is the thing, and Google know this, that is why they are raking in billions from their Adwords services. It is far from simple to set up and maintain, but one you get used to how to use the keywords and advert specifics, you can start enjoying some pretty amazing exposure. Of course, your landing page needs to be spot on and the end product or service also needs to rock, but at least you’ll find the audience to come and check your goods out.

Back to Social

So it looks as if social media sites are starting to try their best to take on Google Adwords, and who could really blame them? But the form of interruption advertising is unlikely to ever really hit those dizzy heights. Just imagine if Google + started using Adwords? Surely they would soon clean up on the social media paid adverts stage without too much effort. So if you were marketing car decals edmonton and really wanted to reach out to the largest and most interested audience, where would you go?

Your Choice

Of course the end choice is down to you, try Facebook Ads by all means, but don’t expect to sell out anytime soon!

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