Google Mobile Apps for Docs, Sheets and Slides – An Insight

Google Mobile Apps

Google Mobile Apps for Docs, Sheets and Slides

The ever-increasing usage of smartphones and tablets with each passing year upsurges the need for better app experience. Especially, mobile users yearning for enhanced office productivity favor to download applications that help them create and edit the contents on-the-go.

Google – the Internet giant is known for offering a number of apps for businesses. With help of Google apps, enterprise users can manage their work and perform daily tasks quickly in a smarter way. Since, business keeps on evolving utilizing Google’s business applications proves to be a great tool for users to learn and manage their everyday business life – from anywhere, and at anyplace.

Google Drive also referred to as Google Docs has helped performed a lot of tasks quickly with its instant editor. However, it has one problem that leaves users with ample number of semi-finished items in the Drive. And to resolve the problem new mobile applications have been launched by Google.

Put simply, aiming to provide users with the ease to find, edit and create their documents, spreadsheets and presentations while on the move, Google has rolled out new mobile applications for Docs, Sheets and Slides – that also features compatibility to Android latest OS version, called Android L.

The main advantage behind using the new apps is that you’ll be able to work on your documents, spreadsheets and other important stuff even in the offline mode (without any network connection). You can see a new floating ‘+’ icon as shown in the screenshot below. The icon appears on the lower right corner helps create new documents on-the-go, within the applications.

This post will provide you with a brief on all the three latest mobile additions:

Doc Apps– The Perfect Way to Create Feature-Rich Documents on-the-go

Using the Google Docs app you can create rich documents offline with drawings, links and much more without any data connection. What’s more, you can gather input, share and respond to feedback with help of social commenting. The best part is that you don’t need to fret about losing the data, as it gets automatically saved on the Cloud server. The app comes with newer dictionary permissions allowing better spellcheck and corrections.

Some tweaks have been made to the UI (user interface) – a new floating new document icon has been added to the right corner at the bottom of the app, as shown in the below screenshot:

Google Mobile Apps for Docs

Sheet Apps – Create Spreadsheets with Colorful Charts and Graphs – while on the move

With Google Sheets you can view, edit and create excel docs from anywhere. Moreover, you can manage and share the sheets, track projects, analyse and sort data and more without a network connection. This new app makes use of tools like advanced formula lists, charts, and more. Similar to the docs app, the UI of Google sheets application has also been revamped.

Google Mobile Apps for Sheet
Google Mobile Apps for Sheet

Auto-fill feature has also been added to the new application that allows users to select a number of cells, and the app helps to fill the cells on the basis of partially filled space pattern.

Slide Apps – Let You Create Impressive Presentations Wherever You Go

Google Mobile Apps for Slide
Google Mobile Apps for Slide

Last in the list is the Slides app that enables to create beautiful presentation slides with the presentation editor, and provides support to import the slides in Microsoft’s Powerpoint format. The editor provides supports for embedded videos, animations and dynamic slide transitions. Using this app you can publish your presentations on the Internet, so as to make them view able to anyone, or share them in private.

All your presentations will get saved automatically, which can be accessed, viewed and edited, wherever you go. You can open and access other slides as well without downloading any additional software. Plus you can add comments to a particular shape (that you have added in the presentation) or to the entire slide.

How development companies can aid you with such apps?

Looking at the above popular Google apps, it’s possible some of the business organizations can get inspiration to build their own custom business app for improving their business processes. But, developing an app and getting it noticed among the gigantic number of applications out there in the app store is not a cupcake. But by taking help from mobile development companies, you can definitely turn your app idea into reality.

Final Thought!

In order to make it easy for users to view, edit and create their documents, excel sheets and presentations, Google has released new apps for Google Docs, Sheets and Slides for both Android as well as iPhone devices. The best aspect about these applications is that they work offline and will help to show the latest edited files, thereby saving you from the hassle of searching the entire drive for the last updated files. In order to gain more insight into new Google applications I’ll recommend you to run through the entire post carefully.

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