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Google Nexus 5 is the first ever phone launched with Android KitKat 4.4. This is the latest version of Google’s mobile software that has been emerged in the Indian market which brings full voice control and smarter caller ID system. For the people who want to upgrade their mobile, this is the best choice of the upcoming generation.

Nexus 5 is made by LG, including larger screen display, faster processor and 4G connection for fast web access.


Nexus 5 measures 5.3-inch tall, 2.72-inch wide, 0.34-inch thick and weighs 4.59 ounces i.e. 130 gms. It is thinner and lighter than the former gadgets of LG. On the left is the narrow volume button. On the right power/screen lock button, on the top 3.5 mm thick headset jack and two speakers at the bottom edge of with the Micro USB port.

It has straighter edges and sharp curves ant the physical buttons are made of ceramic. The rear is made up of matte plastic and, vertically lined Nexus logo and LG logo print are also at the rear. It is available in two variant colors: black and white.


Nexus 5 has got larger screen display measuring 4.95-inch full HD IPS display with the resolution of 1920×1080 pixels and pixel density of 445 ppi making the screen look great and when you compare it with other gadgets this looks interesting. The display looked as if it had gray glaze on its top but had the original life of display.

But the display is awesome with its sensitivity and typing with swift key. The touch was ultra responsive. The default wallpapers were great along with the apps and icon, HD video display smooth.


Nexus 5 rear camera has 8-megapixel with optical image stabilization (OIS) that helps to give sharpness and life to blurred images captured by the photographer due to unsteadiness. It offers HDR+ mode similar to HDR. This feature can combine several images snapped at different exposures to a single image. HDR+ can also detect moving objects and take a burst of photos to take sharpest image. It has a flash and offers both panoramic mode and photosphere shooting

The front facing camera has 1.3-megapixel. Both the rear and front cameras provides users auto and touch focus, 3.9 digital zoom, geotagging, an exposure meter, a timer, five white balances, four scene modes.

Quality: Picture quality was great but in HDR+ mode it doesn’t wait for us to click. The photos of high and low exposure allows sun in the sky and shades on the grass to be clearly visible.

Video quality was satisfactory and the camera adjusted itself to the changes according to the lighting.

Call quality was impressive and the sound quality was very smart due to the usage of LTE 4G. No disturbances will be placed during the conversation and the person on the other side also felt the sound quality smooth and impressive. Even using the headset gave the same feel and the call did not drop at low networks.

Editing Options: Nexus 5 offers nearly five editing options. In addition you also have nine Instagram-esque filters and also you can make your own filter by creating and saving your favorite presets. There are three new editing features: posterize, negative and graduated that lets you adjust brightness, saturation, contrast levels.


Nexus 5 runs Android Kit Kat 4.4 software. This is the latest version that was launched and going to conquer the next generation.

When you tap your dialer pad your top contacts will be opened rather than your log list. You can also look through the nearest number of places and businesses with the help of the dial search and the related info like Google search.

Google has converted SMS text into Hangouts. Now you’ll get texts, chat pings, and video calling in one app.  The UI also looks advanced, and when you get a text and Hangout ping from one contact, the threads remain separated and you have to switch between the two.

Google Now
With KitKat, Google now lives to the left of your home screen (left), and voice search (right) is integrated more deeply into the user experience. It is featured as first, if you turn on Google Now, you can access it by swiping left on your home screen, in addition to holding down the home button.

Second, you don’t have to manually launch Now or tap the microphone to start a voice search anymore. Search automatically begins once it hears the phrase.


Nexus 5 is powered by 2.6 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor with 2 GB RAM. Dual band WiFi, NFC, Bluetooth 4. The basic tasks were carried out like unlocking the screen, calling up the keyboard, and returning to the home pages.

Its battery is powered by 2300 mAh. When the WiFi is turned off and LTE activated, the talk time lasts for 17 hours and when both are activated it lasts for 300 hours of standby time. But the battery is unremovable.


16GB model costs £299 (INR 28,999) on the Google Play Store, while a 32GB Nexus 5 is £339 (INR 32,999).

Strong performance, high-end specs, and an ultra-affordable price make the Google Nexus 5 not just the best unlocked phone on the market, but the best Nexus phone by far.

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