Guide to MS SQL 2008 Transactional Replication (Create Publisher) Part-III

After you configure the Distributor Server (Guide to MS SQL 2008 Transactional Replication (Configure Distributor) Part-II) now I will explain how you can create & configure the Publisher.

Create & Configure Publisher

1) Select the Transactional Databases: Login to MSSQL Management Studio and go to  Server >> Replication (right Click) >> Publisher Properties >> Publication Databases >> Select the database you want as Transactional Database and press OK.

2) Now under Replication Right click on Local Publication and select “New Publication…

3) New Publication Wizard window will open; Press Next.

4) Publication Database: Select the database you want to publish and click on Next.

5) Publication type: You have to select the publication type you want to create. Select “Transactional Publication” and click on Next.

6) Articles: You have to select the objects which will be published. If you have stored procedures and views in your table you can either publish along with views or stored procedure.

7) Filter Table Rows: If you want to filter rows or don’t want to publish any row you can add filter here or you can just press Next without adding filter.

8) Snapshot Agent: You can manage when Snapshot agent should run. You can configure it to run immediatly or you can schedule it. Press Next.

9) Wizard Actions: Select the operations and action wizard will do. Select both the options and click Next.

 10) Script File Properties: Mention the path where publication file will be created and press Next.

11) Summary will be provided; press Finish to complete it and you will get following screen once New Publication has been created successfully.

The publication that you have created will appears under the Replication folder in SQL Server Management Studio.

Verify the status of Replication Agent

If you configured the “Snapshot Agent to start immediately” (on step Number 8) as recommended, you can now verify the progress of the Snapshot Agent by using Replication Monitor.

1) Login to MSSQL Management Studio and go to  Server >> Replication >> Local Publication (right Click) >> Launch Replication Monitor

2) The Publisher is now listed under the My Publishers node of Replication Monitor. Right side panel of the Replication Monitor will show the subscriptions (as we have not yet added any subcriptions it doesn’t show any).

Now go to Agents tab and make sure Snapshot agent and LogReader Agents are running

In Part IV (on Monday) I will explain how to configure Subscriber on which data from Publisher will be pushed.

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