How Did Apple Become Evil Corp: A Price Examination

Once in awhile, it’s good to think about the bigger questions in life. In this article, complete with help from , we will answer one that’s been on all of our minds.

Many people have drawn comparisons between Apple and Evil Corp from the hit tech show Mr. Robot. The reasons are obvious.  The overarching corporation concerned with “making money by any means necessary,” a symbol of greed, and the parallel with Apple’s aesthetic high priced focused approach to luxury makes sense.

It’s not a new trope, played up extensively by movies like Elysium and Repo Men to point out the overarching Greed that many companies use as their baseline value.  

The question is, just how greedy are companies like Apple?

It’s easy to look at:

  • Profits
  • Costs
  • The treatment of their employees and their impact on the world altruistically as indicators.

A more interesting approach is to look at just one product.  More specifically, a product that’s had an impact on how many people travel communicate, research, and even order food.

The iPhone has undergone many changes in the past few years. Now, with its tenth anniversary, it’s good to take a look at how its changed in one essential way: Price.

It’s important to take the guesswork out of whether something as important has price has changed over time as a result of manufacturing costs or the difference in the quality of the product.

The team over at Meilleur Hebergeur Web did us a favor and helped to dig through the records to see what we could find out. Not only that, Meilleur Hebergement Web put it together into a cool little graphic that shows details like how much profit they’ve made over time, and how much cheaper or more its cost to make each iPhone Apple sold.

Now we can know for sure, “Is Apple As Greedy As Evil Corp?”.


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