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How Effective Can Email Marketing Services Be In Spreading Brand Awareness?

The fate of digital marketing campaigns relies heavily on the social media campaigns. You simply cannot ignore the importance of social media to generate potential leads. But, then, there are thousands of social media channels available for the part. Some of the more popular names include Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Google +, YouTube, and the list goes on. But, when it comes to the perfect brand awareness, with minimal investment and that too, within the shortest time-span, there is only one social media option to rely upon. The name may shock you – it’s email!

Emails – a primary way to communicate in the digital world

Before the concept of social media, the emails used to be the primary mode to communicate, with clients or anyone, in the digital world. In fact, till this date, emails are considered to be the most crucial communication option. If you consider the communication process followed at the business world, emails are always at the top of the preference level to communicate, with clients and vendors. The process is fast, convenient and legitimate.

Can Email Be Termed As A Social Media Channel?

Definitely! Why not? Aren’t you contacting the world through emails? Of course, emails don’t possess the glitz and glamour of the true social media networks that are prevalent these days, but they can be the starting point for your social media marketing campaign.

Although the perennial battles against the rigorous laws and spam related issues regarding the commercial emailing approach continue, the concept of email marketing still holds a strong positive edge in interacting, with clients and generating leads. If compared head to head with Facebook, sending an email to a client beats the Facebook posting approach by 0.34%. This clearly indicates the popularity of email marketing services in the business world, till date.

Email Marketing And The Present Day Scenario

The concept of email marketing continues to enjoy a strong fan-following in the commercial world. With technological innovations, there happen to be many email marketing tools available for use these days. These tools can be placed under two categories:

  1. Bulk email sending tools
  2. Enterprise specific tools

The bulk email marketing tools basically target small to mid-sized industries while the enterprise specific tools integrate their email marketing skills into more sophisticated cross-channel marketing software suites. Bulk email marketing services Mumbai are quite popular in the industry. On the other hand, enterprise-based cross-channel suites (or marketing clouds) that enjoy a strong popularity are IBM and ADBE.

While the large-scale industries always have the necessary financial stability to manage marketing needs, it is the small and mid-sized ventures that benefit most from bulk email marketing. They usually have a fixed or limited budget to carry out brand promotional campaigns. Bulk email marketing serves their purpose perfectly, without being too greedy.

2017 has witnessed many improvements in bulk email marketing campaigns. Most of the email marketing providers are ensuring that the no-duplicate copy of an email is sent to the same address. They are also focusing on email tracking to detect the bounce rates. It also helps in observing the DO NOT EMAIL list. And, most importantly, the new bulk email marketing concepts are more focused in understanding the requirements and the preferences of the consumers.

If you just want some new ideas for how to do your email lead generation better, these are some of the best tactics around:
1) If you want to do any kind of lead generation with email, you need peoples’ email addresses first. Many businesses don’t collect email addresses anywhere on their site.
2) Triggered emails are automatically activated when someone takes a specific action.
3) People still forward emails to their friends, family, and colleagues, especially if you make it easy for them. There are several ways to do this:

  • Ask them to forward the email in your copy.
  • Add a button that automatically formats an email for them.
  • Embed pre-formatted tweets in your email for sharing.
  • Add a signup link so people who get the forwarded emails can sign up easily.
  • Add social sharing buttons so people can share your email on their social media accounts.

Email marketing providers are collaborating with, Internet security agencies to provide a better marketing campaign while eliminating the chances of spams and virus ads. Top-rated email marketing agencies ensure that the emails being sent perfectly bypass the filters

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