How to Compare Two Word Documents for modification in MS Word 2007

You have prepared a Word Document it might be anything a proposal, quotation, or any writeup for your company and sent it to your seniors for review. They review it and send the updated one to you but now you want to findout the changes or modification they have made OR you are running a Software development company and Business Analyists keep updating documents and you need to find the changes or modification they have made.

Every person who use word documents face such situation when he/she want to compare two documents to check the changes, deletion or modification made. There are many tools available on internet to do the comparision but Micorsoft Word 2007 provides a “compare” feature which will allow the users to compare the two documents and check the modifications.

Following are the steps to compare two documents using MS Word 2007

1) Open MS Word 2007 and go to “Review” Tab >> Click on “Compare” >> “Compare…” (Compare two version of a document)

2) A window asking “Original document” and “Revised Document” (like below)

Browse the Orignal File and Modified file in respective Text boxes and Press “OK

3) Microsoft Word will show something like

Following windows will be shown

  1. Revisions Window: This will show total number of revisions made (including font, alginment, header footer etc.
  2. Compared Document: This window will show compared document which will include the changes (dependind upon changes) in different color.
  3. Original Document: It will preview the document you have written or prepared
  4. Revised Document: This will show the modified or revised document.

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