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How to make a hotel company stand out through a top digital marketing strategy

Hotel companies are working in a highly competitive industry and to be successful they need to show customers what makes them special. When travellers head directly to a website it is wonderful for these firms as digital marketing for hotelsget the full financial benefit from the room sale. When firms work with Online Travel Agencies or OTAs they are charged commission for a booking, and it is generally considered better to get a direct reservation. What is needed to get a greater amount of web traffic is to stand out from similar hotels. Large hotel businesses do not need to worry about this issue as much, as they have the huge benefit of brand awareness.

What companies can provide that will entice travellers is a loyalty package that offers certain things to customers for booking directly on the site. The best digital marketing for hotels is achieved through a plan where tourists can be enticed onto the site. There are numerous ways to do this such as always updating the website and ensuring it looks good on mobile devices. Photos are very important and hotels should offer a gallery of pictures that show off the rooms, business centre and facilities such as a luxury spa or gym. Companies must work out what they specialise in and then advertise this to encourage travellers to visit.

It could be that the hotel company has a boutique property, or that it is perfect for weddings. Whatever the reason it should advertise this on the website and through social media by for instance showing pictures of a great celebration at Christmas or Halloween. Hotel firms can tell a story about something that happened at the property through social media. This entices tourists onto the website through places such as Twitter and Facebook. Hotels should also make partnerships with tour companies and local attractions offering them as part of the booking. This can also be done with restaurants and cafes based near the accommodation.

Any hotel website can really win when it has special deals on its booking engine that are not offered to OTAs. Booking should also be a very easy situation for travellers where they can quickly get through the process. Having a mobile app in this digital age is vital as tourists can easily reserve a room through a few clicks. Thinking about the customer journey is crucial as their trip starts as soon as they reserve a room and continues even when they have left the hotel. They are likely to leave reviews so hotels should ensure they consider their needs.

For firms who need help with the way their company thinks about its digital marketing strategy, there is the excellent Booking Direct. This leading hotel marketing company will provide the best web solutions that are tailored to the unique selling point of each hotel. Their web strategy is outstanding as it focuses on what the hotel company has to offer, and will improve their booking engine while attempting to introduce more web traffic to the site. The customer journey is very important and the experts at Booking Direct will ensure hotel firms significantly raise their revenues through achieving higher reservation numbers.

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