How to Unfollow Non Followers on Twitter: 6 Awesome Tools to Refer

It’s an extraordinary thing when you get multiple options to promote your work, while in blogging, twitter plays a vital role. Promotions of any online business can be done with the help of multiple approaches and methods. Now, you all are well aware of Twitter and the role it plays in the promotion of your website.

When you are learning about this platform, you are likely to come across countless tools that are heavily considerable and resourceful. Twitter has awesome marketing benefits and I believe that it is only fair if you can share your knowledge about these advantageous tools. So, I have decided to play my part and enlighten you about certain tools that will help you on a particular niche.

Topic of discussion today covers non-followers users that are listed in your followers list. With my years and years of experience with Twitter, I have observed that it is not possible to accumulate interest of every individual that is connected to your Twitter account. Surely, there are people that are not interested in what you are saying and sharing. Help yourself to unfollow those and target the ones that seem to be more interested.

Remember the time when you were introduced to Twitter. This tool enticed many people and after its initiation in social media, number of users and followers increased tremendously. At that time, you must have followed many individuals and never tend to check their tweet. You know, you really need to free some space and focus on followers that falls in your area of interest.

No-one likes to keep their account packed with unwanted people. Twitter Unfollow will help you free some waste space from your account and use it on people that look more credible to you. How to unfollow on twitter is an easy endeavor. All you need to know is about right tools that can help in the escape. Well, I will be glad to take you on a tour of benefiting tools that can help you with the process.

6 Twitter Unfollow Non Followers Tools

Here we go:

1. Manage Flitter:

Whether you want to unfollow people in bulk, or you want to unfollow limited set of users, Manage Flitter is just an awesome tool for your help.

  • Unfollow: There might be a list of people that are not interested in your account, you can find such category of people with this tool and unfollow them. You can create a distinction and discover fake users, followers that don’t follow you back or followers that never visit your tweets. They are worth thrashing out of your account and Manage Flitter can do the honors adeptly.
  • Search: Finding relevant people on twitter is very hard but ManageFiltter solve this problem with their search tool. One of the best tools that will help you to find relevant peoples according to your niche and business.
  • Follow: Everyone want to get fresh followers and top up their twitter account with the relevant users. With the help of follow tool you can filter and copy another person’s followers or just reciprocate back when people follow you.
  • Analytics: What if you are just tweeting and tweeting, never come back to check that which tweet goes viral? Which tweet engage more people? Which campaign is giving best result? ManageFiltter help you find out.

2. TweetAdder:

Most advance and power twitter tool which enable you to do endless possibilities. The best part of this tool is that you can Unfollow with 8 Advanced Filters. These filters empower you to unfollow not following back, unfollowed me, no profile image, foreign language, high ration, inactive, talkative and quiet. Complete list of rest features is given below.

  • Unfollow with 8 Advanced Filters!
  • Pro Search Filters & List Building
  • Advanced Profile Bio Search
  • Tweet Search by Keywords
  • Worldwide Location Based Search
  • Schedule Automated Tweets
  • Automates Blog RSS to Tweets
  • Automated Direct Messaging
  • Manage Multiple Twitter Profiles

3. UnTweeps:

With this tool, simply say unfollow me and free your account with unnecessary attach of useless tweets. It has a very interesting strategy to bring you results. After punching in the credentials of your account when you log in, simply make decision with the help of dates. As you enter a number, say 30, list of followers will be displayed that haven’t posted any tweet for 30 days. You can select people that you want to keep and unfollow the rest.

  • The number of people you can follow is a valuable asset to your Twitter presence.
  • Don’t waste this resource on accounts who aren’t even using Twitter!
  • Unfollow inactive and/or zero tweet accounts
  • See who you are blocking

4. Commun.IT:

If you are looking for a diligent free tool that can solve the purpose, I would recommend Commun.IT.

  • It is a free tool and solutions to the problem Twitter unfollow. This tool is just so perfect and encapsulated with various other features.
  • It is a helpful tool that will suggest you whether you should keep following a person or unfollow him. The recommendations that are put forward by Commun.IT are based on certain parameters.
  • This tool also put forward recommendations about tweets that need your attention. Sure, it is the coolest tool by far.
  • Better Manage Your Twitter Relationships
  • Focus on your influencers & customers
  • FREE Twitter Analytics
  • Manage multiple profiles & schedule Tweets
  • Who to un/follow, what content to Tweet


iUnfollow is also an useful tool. Given the fact that it is free, you can simply install it and get to work immediately after that.

List of followers arrives on your screen and you can decide whether you want to keep following people in the list or unfollow them. It is a simple tool with least complex features.

  • You can create a Whitelist which excludes the users you add to it.
  • The Fans page displays people who are following you and you are not following them.
  • You can check your History to see if you unfollowed/followed someone.
  • Keyboard short-cuts to save you time when unfollowing. Press u to Unfollow and s to Skip.
  • AJAX processing that allows users to unfollow quickly and efficiently with a scrolling table.
  • Easy to use interface and constant updates. You can check out the latest news on our blog.
  • You can now cancel your following requests to protected users. You may have hundreds of requests and they all count on your following/follower ratio.

6. Friendorfollow:

Friendorfollow is a perfect tool to be used for multiple purposes.

It has a dashboard where you can find various different options. On installation, this tool brings a list of followers that are least required in your account. You can place them in different category and unfollow them in a go. It helps you save a lot of time and efforts.

I have personally used all these options and these are the best ones that I would love to enlighten you with. It is better to learn about different options in twitter unfollow tools. As far as I have understood, basic working of every tool is same. It’s just that, twitter brings you great opportunities to select the tools that you would like to use.

In your mobile phone, while using twitter, you can install twitter unfollow app and use it for the same purpose. I hope you guys find these tools useful for freeing your account from people that just don’t want your stuff and people that you hardly feel the need to learn about.

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