Howto Buy a Domain Name That’s Already Registered [Infographic]

Choosing the perfect domain name for your business can be difficult if you are trying to choose one that reflects what you are all about but also has that magical element of memorability and the valuable ability to conjure up your business in the person’s mind as soon as they see it.

Having done all the hard work and thought up something witty or catchy that you think will drive plenty of traffic to your site, it is then more than a bit deflating to find that someone has beaten you to it and the domain name you wanted has already been registered.

You should not abandon hope if this happens as many domain names come up for sale on what is known as the aftermarket and many have simply been registered without actually having a current website attached to them because speculators have snapped up catchy titles hoping to bag a profit from someone who wants to buy the domain from them.

The aftermarket does not always mean swimming in shark-infested waters and you can often be pleasantly surprised at some of the domain names that are available to buy at reasonable prices.

When it comes to buying a domain that is already registered, knowing what to look for and where to look, as well as avoiding the pitfalls, are the keys to a successful transaction. Here is your 101 on the domain name aftermarket.

[Infographic] Buy a Domain Name That’s Already Registered

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